Go on a World Tour with Playgrounds The Art Department

Prepare for an epic World Tour where you will explore visual art from all corners of the world in a 24h livestream marathon happening June 25th and 26th.

To celebrate the efforts of artists that continued to create, inspire, redefine their limits, and imagined new possibilities during this challenging past year, the Playgrounds team is taking things up a notch by developing a new concept to reach audiences around the world, unlock artistry from all time-zones and continents, and get people connected.

Behold The Art Department | World Tour! Let Playgrounds be your digital flight attendant and show you some of the best concept artists, designers and filmmakers from around the globe. The program will offer content and activities for everybody to enjoy. Expect artist talks, in-depth interviews, panels, Q&As, demos, contests and a lot of summer fun and inspiration. Participants will also be to virtually chat with artists, get feedback on their work, and hang out with fellow attendees.

To be a part of the World Tour, all you need  is a comfy space – be it a balcony, garden, couch, hang mat or lazy chair – an internet connection, cool drinks, and a bunch of summer vibes.

Buckle up, stretch your legs, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy this summer, globetrotting, online marathon.

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Some Program Highlights:

Daniel Clarke – South Africa

Daniel is an illustrator and character designer based in Cape Town, South Africa. He has worked for clients such as Netflix, National Geographic Kids, Nickelodeon and Penguin Random House. In an in-depth interview, Playgrounds director Leon van Rooij will dive into Daniel’s artistic journey.

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Aayna Vinaya – India

Mumbai based Aayna Vinaya is an extremely talented illustrator. With a fresh voice and unique style, her work makes a strong long-lasting impression on everyone. Passionate about indigenous storytelling, she returned to India to create a Hindi adult animated show with a small team at her studio, Bechain Nagri. Aayna will do an artist talk with Q&A.

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Andrew Baker – New Zealand

Andrew is set to join from New Zealand for an in-depth interview. The Hobbit trilogy, I Frankestein, Pacific Rim, The BFG, Ghost Shell or Mortal Engines are just some of the incredible titles he has worked on.

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Ayran Oberto – Spain/ Venezuela

Showcasing a mesmerizing mix of surreal and realistic elements, Ayran’s portraits and designs leave the viewers with a strong and lasting impression. Little wonder this talent  was commissioned to work with clients like Zombie Studio, West Studio, Leo Sanchez Studio, Unit Image, Paizo, Cryptozoic, Salix Games, ShenDesignWorks and The Drawing Agency.

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Beatrice Blue – Spain

Beatrice Blue is a Spanish illustrator and visual development artist in love with magic, forests, colours and potions. She works on animation movies and illustrates books. She is one of the artists set to be involved in the ask-me-anything sessions in which a limited group of participants will get the chance to directly ask the questions they always wanted to have answered!

Visit Beatrice’s website >

Drink and Draw Berlin – Germany

Drink and Draw Berlin is a local artist collective founded in 2014. They offer art classes, workshops, exhibitions and installations. Drink and Draw Berlin’s open studio is based aboard a 90 year old ship right on the river Spree that is part of the Historic Harbor in Mitte, Berlin. For the World Tour, they will organize two live sketching sessions and they will also give  feedback on the works submitted by participants.

Visit D&D Berlin’s website >

Loish – The Netherlands

The amazing Dutch visual artist and character designer Loish (Lois van Baarle) has been drawing since the day she could hold a pencil. Known for expressive characters that consistently promote female beauty in all shapes and forms, but also for her teaching skills and social media savvy-ness, Loish will be giving a talk about her artistic journey.

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