8 Sunny Photo Packs to Brighten Your Summer

We’ve compiled a list of eight sunny photo reference packs on the ArtStation Marketplace to brighten your summer. Find something for your next environment or texture-related project today!

Moorea Tropical Island Pack

by Vaimiti Guesdon

This pack includes views of the Moorea Island lagoon, mountains from the inside of the island, and plenty of pineapple fields.

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Oasis Texture Pack

by Mélanie GELEY

Mélanie’s pack contains high-res reference photos of an oasis in the Tunisian desert.

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Koh Phi Phi Sunset Reference Pack

by Lucas Tebib

Take a trip to Thailand with this impressive photo pack! Images of a sunset progression are included—perfect for creating an epic matte painting.

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Zion Canyon Pack

by Gaëlle Seguillon

This pack features the lush and green canyon of Zion with its vibrant red cliffs, green vegetation, blue streams, and narrow gorges. It also includes 360° panoramas!

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Photo Reference Pack: Mountains in Summer

by Nomad Photo Reference

This huge photo reference pack contains hundreds of summertime Alpine mountain landscapes. The photos have been shot under different lighting conditions and at different altitudes. You will also find many detailed shots focusing on foliage and textures.

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Sky Pack 10 / Epic Sunsets / Clouds Reference Pack

by Andrey Vasilyev

This pack features 202 photo references of sunsets and a few dramatic dusk shots of the sky.

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California (Los Angeles, San Francisco & More) Ref Pack

by Jobye-Kyle Karmaker

Witness California and its stunning scenery through the eyes of a professional Environment Artist! The included photos are perfect references to get started on a California-inspired project, whether for composition reference, set dressing ideas, foliage ideas, textures, photobashing, or otherwise.

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Reference Pack – Edinburgh Sunset – 100+ Royalty Free Photos

by Tom Lopez

This reference pack includes 109 photos of Edinburgh, Scotland during sunset, with a focus on buildings and rooftop shots.

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