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GIGABYTE is well known for their AORUS pro gaming line of products which come packed with features to maximize gaming performance; but, did you know that they have an entire line designed specifically for creators?

AERO: Sky’s the Limit

AERO laptops from Gigabyte are widely considered some of the best portable workstations since they are thin, light, and come full of features that can benefit content creators. These powerful laptops have thin bezels to maximize precious screen space, are light weight, and have a long lasting battery life to keep you productive on the go.

Color: More is Better

Everyone in the creative world understands the importance of color; from making your next sci-fi character, to the next post-apocalyptic cityscape, to the next fantasy world, accurate and wide color gamut is essential. The AERO OLED 4k display supports 100% DCI-P3 color gamut (25% more than sRGB) for beautiful contrasts and vivid colors, while the AERO 17 HDR offers 100% Adobe RGB color range. Not only that, but every panel comes individually factory X-rite Pantone certified to ensure the highest color accuracy and replication.

AMPERE: Power Within

Most recently, the AERO series has been refreshed with the latest RTX 30 series Ampere graphics chips and RTX Studio drivers to give significant performance boosts. Most of the creative apps used today are GPU-accelerated, so having a discrete graphics card will be a big performance boost, especially when paired with the Studio drivers which provide further performance optimizations. Make the most efficient use of your project timeline with faster renders, video exports, etc.

Versatility – Plug it All

Connect all your devices and transfer large project files using Thunderbolt 3, 8x faster than USB 3.1. Or, edit files right off of your camera using the built in UHS-II SD card reader, 12x faster than standard SD. The HDMI 2.1 port supports an image output of up to 4K at 120Hz and 8k at 60Hz for the most stunning displays.

The AERO was designed with lots of key features that are in-demand by creators. Whether you are a graphics designer or vfx/gfx production team, gear up with blazing fast hardware, vivid color displays, and vast storage capability. Creativity Starts Here.

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