9 Assets for Building Landscapes in UE4

Get started in Unreal Engine today with these nine ArtStation Marketplace resources that will help you create a breathtaking landscape!

Easy Lit 4.25 – One Click Lighting Tool

by Kemal Gunel

Just add Easy Lit to your UE4 scene and have your lighting ready instantly! Fine-tuning can also be done after base lighting.

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RVT Object-Terrain Blending Sample Content Plugin

by Kay Volbeda

This content plugin contains a sample level and a set of materials for object-terrain blending using Runtime Virtual Textures.

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UE4 Customizable Water Master-Material (Vertex Paintable)

by Alireza Heidari

This UE4 Material asset features refraction with adjustable intensity & opacity, raindrop ripple effects, and two vertex-paint channels enabling you to paint moss, leaves, lily pads, and anything else you want on the surface of the water.

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Intro to UE4 VFX: Smoke and Dust

by Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith’s VFX tutorial and asset pack includes everything you’ll need to create smoke and dust effects in UE4, including a 60-minute video walkthrough, smoke/dust particle textures, static meshes, and more.

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Unreal Engine 4 – Complete Creation of Two Natural Scenes

by Michael Gerard

Find 50 hours of step-by-step tutorial videos for making detailed nature scenes with Unreal Engine. You’ll also get three Unreal projects to work with!

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Simple Cloud Card Set Up for UE4

by Tony Arechiga

This video tutorial by Tony Arechiga shows you how to build a variety of cloud cards off of a single texture.

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UE4 Auto Landscape Master Material Pack (Non-Commercial)

by Lincoln Hughes

Easily make landscapes in UE4 with this Auto Landscape Master Material pack! It is also available with a small business commercial or studio commercial license.

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UE4 Dune Desert Landscape

by Willi Hammes

This 400 square kilometer landscape has tons of photorealistic detail. The viewable distance around the play area is a 3600 km² vista. All materials are modular and highly tweakable so that they can easily be customized or extended.

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Birch Forest | UE4

by Billy Matjiunis

This asset was built with high-end game production in mind, and is perfect for making unique and natural-looking forest environments.

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