ArtStation Jam: Uniquely Me

Cover artwork by Lechar

Need some inspiration for your next personal piece? Take part in the next #ArtStationJam to engage with the community and create some new artwork for your portfolio.


Our theme for this Jam is Uniquely Me. We’re inviting you to create a self portrait or inspired piece of work that expresses how you perceive yourself in the world in the most raw and unique way. Show us something that represents or expresses you.

How It Works

  1. Create a self portrait a using whatever software or tools you like.
  2. Post your project on ArtStation and tag it with #UniquelyMeJam and #ArtStationJam so everyone can see your creations in the #UniquelyMeJam channel.

If you share on social media, mention or tag us on Instagram and Twitter (@artstationhq) so we can share your work too!

Starter examples:

  • Imagine if you were to look into the mirror in an alternate reality, what would your reflection look like?
  • If you were to create a secondary persona/alter ego, what would that individual look like?
  • If you were in a video game and you could customize yourself to look however you want, what would you look like? How would other people see you?


When is the deadline to complete the work?

ArtStation Jams are fun prompts to help you create work for your portfolio. There’s no deadline but we share entries over the next few weeks from when we announce the theme.

Can I just tag old work that fits the theme?

We discourage doing this so that it makes it easier for artists who are participating in the Jam to find and connect with other artists taking part.

Can I make a 3D model of another artist’s entry?

We recommend reaching out to the artist for permission directly. ArtStation cannot grant permission to other artists’ work.

Should I post just the finished piece or my work too?

While it’s not necessary, we absolutely encourage you do include your breakdowns or work in process as well. Generally, posts with multiple assets and additional details get more visibility and engagement than posts with just one image.

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