Feel Fancy With These 10 Ornamental Assets

Treat yourself with these ornamental brushes, alphas, and more from the ArtStation Marketplace!

70 Japanese Ornament Alphas

by jonas ronnegard

This huge pack includes 70 elaborate Japanese ornament alphas and brushes in 2048*2048, 16-bit format.

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91 Ornament Brushes, Alphas, and 3D Models (Vol 1)

by Fred Ghanavati

These 91 ornament brushes come in TIF, PSD, ZBP, OBJ, and MAX file formats.

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150 Ornament Brushes and 3D Models + 7 Video Tutorials (Vol 3)

by Milad Kambari

These brushes can be used for any program that works with alphas and height maps. As a bonus, you’ll also get access to a video tutorial where Milad teaches you techniques for fast ornament modeling.

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300 Old and Traditional Ornament Patterns

by Black Diamond

This pack Includes 300 old & traditional ornament patterns in PNG format at 4096*4096 resolution.

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46 Celtic Trim Brushes and Alphas

by Maryam Faroqi

The brushes in this pack are VDM and CURVE for use in ZBrush. All brushes and alphas are completely seamless!

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113 Ornament Alpha Masks

by Dan Rožański

This pack includes 113 different ornamental alpha masks featuring faces, animal heads, flowers, and more.

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Procedural Velvet / Indian Pattern

by Marcelo Souza

This Substance pattern project includes a velvet creation project with a simple micro hair fiber generator embed. The SBS project is included so that you can make changes and study Marcelo’s workflow process.

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50 Lace Fabric Pattern Seamless (Vol 1)

by Stephen Lee

This product includes 50 seamless lace pattern assets that were tested for use in Substance Painter.
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150 Artistic Ornament Brushes + Alphas All Formats + 2 Amazing VDM Brushes

by CG Sphere

Having a detailed portfolio is important, and these impressive brushes and alphas will help you achieve just that!

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Fantasy Ornaments: Alphas and Meshes (Vol 2)

by Oleg Ushenok

These ornaments are well-suited for creating projects in a dark fantasy style. The product includes 198 alphas & meshes with 102 unique ornaments.

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