Concept Sketching with Mischief by Shaddy Safadi

Shaddy Safadi is an art director and concept artist with 14 years of experience working in the games industry. He started his own concept art studio, One Pixel Brush whose client list includes Naughty Dog, Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Respawn, Ubisoft and Irrational Games. He also worked as Senior Concept Artist at Naughty Dog on the critically acclaimed The Last of Us and UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves.

Shaddy is renowned for his approach to creating great work on a deadline. If there’s a tool or technique that gets him there quicker, then that’s what he does.

Shaddy has provided his native Mischief file ( to explore. You can open the Mischief file in the free version of Mischief as well as the trial and full versions. If you’re using the trial or free versions, the layers in the file will be flattened when you open it, but if you have the full version of Mischief it will automatically open the file as the full layered version.


Get the new Mischief 2.1.1

free version of Mischief 2.1.1 with six tools (3 brushes and 3 erasers), a basic palette of colors and infinite canvas is available for download.

The full version of Mischief 2.1.1 (US$25) delivers the full drawing experience including preset brushes and erasers, a full color palette with custom swatches, layers, and the ability to export PSD files.

15-day Mischief trial gives you all the full version features for the trial period.

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