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Zsolt Kosa

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Zsolt Kosa‘s journey as a 2D artist started with a part-time summer job he took on to support his art school studies. The next year, he found himself working full-time as a concept artist. Since then he has worked on a variety of game projects through OtherSide Outsourcing, designed clothing for Blizzard and Warner Bros. intellectual properties through Wild Bangarang, set up his own 2D outsourcing studio with friends in Budapest, and created art tools for other artists from the UK.

The ArtStation Marketplace has played an important role in the latest chapter of his career journey: selling his own products full time.

“If you need a tool for your artwork and can’t find it online, make it yourself and upload it to the ArtStation Marketplace! There will be a market for it.” – Zsolt Kosa

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What motivated you to sell on the ArtStation Marketplace?

Last April we agreed to a one-month pause with one of our main clients due to COVID-19 circumstances. This unexpected holiday gave me the time to make my first few brush sets. It turned out that I liked this activity very much, so I kept doing it after work and on weekends. I realized this gave me more fulfillment and motivation to learn and improve my skills than my actual daytime job. Six months later, in September, I decided to quit and create new products full-time.

The motivation is simple: self-care. I love making these brushes, the creative freedom of the process, helping other artists, and earning money at the same time. I couldn’t wish for more.

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What marketing tools help you successfully promote your products?

I’m still in the first year of this adventure so my focus is on creating, rather than marketing at the moment. The algorithm of the ArtStation Marketplace also works really well; apart from sharing new releases on my social media channels, I don’t do much, to be honest.

I do find it beneficial however to give a product some context. For example, the cover image of a new brush set is posted on my ArtStation portfolio page, the painting process captured and published on YouTube, and all of these linked to each other.

What advice do you have for other sellers and artists looking to supplement their income?

Be patient with yourself and the customers as well. Make quality products according to your best knowledge at the time. See the negative comments as a suggestion or hint to help you polish your current products and improve the future ones.

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Do you have any upcoming products that ArtStation members can look forward to?

Where should I start? This year will be awesome! With the help of my wife Evelin, we are working hard to extend our product range and deliver brand new brushes, photo references, tutorials, and more. The whole year ahead is scheduled with new releases almost every week! Can’t wait to share them with you.

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