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Getting Started in 2D Animation (Series)

with Vera Rehaag

Curious about 2D animation but unsure where to begin? Vera Rehaag walks you through everything you need to know to get started. From the basic principles to lip synching and more, this 3 part series is an excellent introduction for beginners or a handy refresher for those who need a simple revision.

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Storyboarding (Series)

with Rembert Montald

In this series, Rembert Montald teaches how to create storyboard art and keyframes for Film or Game Cinematics.

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Being Good – Making a short film from scratch (Series)

with Jenny Harder

This series gives an overview on the making of the award winning animated short film “Being Good”. Being Good was created by a group of 80 independent individuals via the online platform Artella. This tutorial will demonstrate how a group of strangers got together to create an unfunded, high quality animated short film from scratch. Covering topics such as planning, communication, platforms, softwares as well as marketing, festivals and pitching.

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Acting for Animators

with Ed Hooks

Acting is an artform that is critical for conveying the appropriate response of a character to the circumstances around them. In this course, instructor Ed Hooks teaches some basic acting principles, specifically aimed at animators and artists.  He covers some basic acting concepts for animators, calling on his vast acting and teaching experience, and uses visual examples form well known films to  help animators bring more life and believability to their characters and give them the life necessary to tell a compelling story.

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