Comic Art Profile: InHyuk Lee

InHyuk Lee is a comic artist, character designer, and art teacher based in Seoul, South Korea. Having begun drawing anime illustrations since childhood, he decided to pursue art in university and started working very early.

At the age of 22, he took a break from university to work as a character designer. However, in 2012, he received a job offer from Marvel comics and has been working in the American comics industry ever since. He has worked with several other notable studios and publishers including DC, Image Comics, Boom! Studios, and CAPCOM, just to name a few.

Fun Fact # 1:

InHyuk usually draws about 10 covers per month. Last year, he created 114 covers in total, making him currently amongst the top producing cover artists in the world.

Fun Fact # 2:

InHyuk claims he is the first Korean artist (born and raised in Korea) to contract with Marvel Comics and DC.

Fun Fact # 3:

InHyuk earned the name “machine” or “covernator” from his friends, based on how quickly he produces cover art.

#1 Comic Art Tip:

“What I think is important when doing any illustration, including comic book covers, is the story contained in them. It is good to understand the situation of the characters that appear and their personalities  to assimilate and express emotions.

I think it’s better to draw a picture with a story rather than just a good picture. If you try to draw well from the beginning, you cannot draw well. If you draw a lot, you will be drawn well.


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