Join the 3rd Global Game Art Contest Unknown World!

Registration for the 3rd edition of the Global Game Art Contest (GGAC), one of the largest professional game art events worldwide, has now begun! This edition of GGAC 2020 has been comprehensively upgraded – more categories, more prizes and bigger bonus!

The Theme

This year’s theme is an exploration project where unknown lifeforms have been discovered. Some of them hide in the wild, some are disguised amongst us, and some are even cosmic (or mystical) beings. Are they our friends…or enemies? The GGAC Exploration Station recruits GGAC explorers (artists) worldwide to use images, videos and texts to record what they have discovered and upload to GGAC.NET.


Judges and Categories

Famous international CG artists from 5 different regions will be judging the Challenge. The Challenge consists of 2 Groups (Professional and Student) and 8 categories.

2D Art Categories:

Character Design, Environment Design, Keyframe Design and ACG Illustration

Judges in the 2D category:

Christian Fell –  Freelance Artist, Riot Game Signed Artist

Huang Guangjian – CG Illustrator and Artist

Jihun Lee – Freelance Artist

Ju Zhen – Cartoonist, CG Illustrator and Artist

Krenz Cushart – Freelance Artist, CG Educator

Lin Wenjun – Author of “GHOST”, CG Illustrator and Artist

Liu Dongzi – Concept Artist and CG Illustrator

Lok Du – Concept Designer, Illustrator Artist

REI – Freelance Illustrator and Artist

Su Jian – Concept Artist

Yang Xueguo – Vice Professor of Yunnan Art University Design College, CG Artist

Zhang Bo – Concept Art Director of “The Wandering Earth,” Concept Artist

Zhang Qinhua – Premium Art Director of miHoYo “Genshin Impact”,  ACG Artist

3D Art Categories:

Game Character Art (real-time/rendered), Game Environment Art

Judges in the 3D category:

Frank Tzeng – Lead Character artist at Naughty Dog

Guo Wei – Art Director and Art Professor of Netease Game

Qisheng Luo – Founder of Infinity Studio,  CG Artist

Raf Grassetti – Art Director at Santa Monica Studio, Famous Character Artist.

Zhelong Xu – Chinese Top-notch CG Artist

Zhou Lijun – The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Director of Digital Game Design Studio


Single Character Show Animation and Multi-Characters Fighting Animation

Judges in the Animation category:

Chao Yang – Animator of Tencent’s Professional Judge Team

Junjie Liang – Animation Expert of NetEase Games

Jun Xiong – Game Animator

Richard Lico – Annie Award Nominated Animator Artist

Sheng Ran – Middle Office Animation Supervisor of Alibaba Games

Yifu Dong – Animation and CG Effect Director of “Genshin Impact”, MiHoYo

Event Hosts and Sponsors

GGAC is hosted by China Film Art Direction Academy, Beijing Design Week Committee and ABOX CG Art Development and Outsource Platform. The event is co-organized by NetEase, miHoYo, Wacom and Substance by Adobe. The challenge is also fully supported by the top 9 art schools in China.


Open Registration: April 22nd to September 30th, 2020 (GMT+8)

Entries Acceptation: April 22nd to Oct 7th, 2020 (GMT+8)

Register now and learn more >

More details on GGAC rules and regulations >


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