10 Humanoid Base Meshes to Kick-off Character Creation

Sometimes starting with a blank slate is over-rated. For moments like those, you have basemeshes.

Basemesh Pack of 3

by Sebastian Ramos

This basemesh pack is developed to help you have a starting point with a solid base and greater anatomical details.

This pack contains 3 base meshes plus the extra bonus of a sculpture of a human skull.

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Stylized Anatomy BASEMESHES

by Marat Latypov

3 basemeshes with a fun cartooney vibe to give your characters a whimsical start.

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Production ready head base mesh

by Tom Parker

Male and female base mesh. Designed to have all artists, riggers, animators and texture artists in mind.

It utilizes all the major edgeloops needed by animation departments to support systems like FACS or traditional rigging/animation requirements.

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Stylized Base Mesh Collection

by Aaron Martin

Characters come in all shapes and sizes. This collection comes with a variety of simple body styles that should give you a head start in your next project.

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Female Basemesh

by Myriam Farraces García

HighPoly female base mesh which is a great start for your next character project.

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Human Anatomy Basemesh

by Deependra Jaishi

Human anatomy basemesh: use it for reference or starting mesh for your model.

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basemesh Kid

by Pablo Perdomo

Start an adventure for a kid’s perspective with the help of this basemesh.

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Male head base mesh

by Anton Kyrkach

ZBrush file with topology/polygroups, Skull and skin polypaint for bake.

  • Head: skin polypaint, skin details, retopology.
  • Scull

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Cartoon female character Lora base mesh

by Makar Malicki

This model was created for multi-purpose use: anatomy study, rigging and animation, high poly sculpts, unique character design. 3d model has mouth bag with teeth and tongue. Good for those who want to save time on modeling cartoon characters.

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Stylized Male basemesh

by Ali Farsangi

Animation friendly base mesh that includes 5 subd-levels, animation friendly topology and includes eyes, underwear, and hair.

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