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Have you been working hard at work and your personal projects? It’s time to kick back, relax, and read something awesome. Shop these cool comics on the ArtStation Marketplace today!

Anna Saito – Journalist Fighter – vol.1 – comic book

by Diego Sanches

Anna is an investigative journalist specialized in fighting tournaments. Daughter of a famous fighter that disappeared during the final match of a tournament, Anna uses her investigative and fighting skills to uncover the truth about a shady tournament.

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Rooster Rumble Fight Club Graphic Novel

by Arturo Aguirre Art
Many years ago a terrible disease wiped out 50% of all females in the world. The ones who survived were taken to a safe place called The Coop.  A tournament was created where roosters from all over the world come to compete for breeding rights. The survival of the species depends on it. Fight for honor. Fight for glory. Fight for power.

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by Hasan hüseyin Penekli
This is the first issue of Hasan hüseyin Penekli’s mysterious comic book project. Go ahead and take a read if you dare.

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by Karthik Subramanian
A purposeless drifter finds a purpose in life when he encounters monsters in the city and a nameless warrior who saves his life.

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Silence: Wall of Sound Edition

by Devin Kraft
Johanna Jones, a runaway from the town of Anthem receives a letter from the SSCC informing her that her father has gone missing after The September, the ship he was aboard, failed to return on time. Johanna reluctantly returns home to try to put together an expedition to search for The September’s whereabouts. Along with her best friend, a washed-up elderly ex-punk rocker, an on again off again addict, and a cat named Arpeggio, she sets off on a yellow submarine called the Heart of Gold for Hades’ Hexagon, a mysterious area where ships keep disappearing.

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The Devil’s Henchman in 20 Quid for a Stink Finger

by Toby Willsmer

Toby Willsmer came up with this character ‘The Devils Henchman’ as a way to make funny short comic strips based around his daily grind, then dialed it up to 11. This comic is 7 pages of mayhem, carnage and burgers!

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Skymir: Fly Me To The Moon

by Miriam Esdohr

Bjolan, a wanderer without a home is on a journey through Dallur on the planet Vatyr. On his way, he runs into the troll Bloke who keeps guard on his master’s command.

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Whiskers McFadden #1

by Ryan Jenkyns

It’s 1957 and adventure-seeking 6-year-old Margo has just adopted her first pet — Whiskers McFadden, a hulking astronaut cat from another planet! Together they stumble upon an outlandish bank robbery, a desperately understaffed secret government agency, and a series of events that force our hero to be the one thing he doesn’t want to be… a hero.

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The Island of Dr. Morose

by Mike Gagnon

While the world was recovering and rebuilding from the zombie apocalypse, one eccentric genius, Dr. Dieter Schmidt, was turning a Haitian island into a paradise for the wealthy and affluent. Word eventually spread out to the civilized world that Schmidt had mastered the technology of cybernetic control of the undead, turning them into the servants and labourers that keep his island paradise running. Now a team of journalists from Timely Magazine have come to the island to report on the amazing technological advances being made in the tropical paradise to the rest of the world. Unless…something goes wrong…

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The Kismet Komic #1

by Malachi James

This jam-packed issue takes on the modern world with a boatload of satire. If you folks are up to date with pop culture, then you’ll love how this issue ridicules the hell out of it. Welcome yourself to the city, where you’ll be taken on an exclusive tour by Richard Rockbottom, as he exhibits his day to day life as a hobo. Or explore the life of Sparky Rose, a hot young teenage pop idol who keeps her producers close… Really close.

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