Create Your Own Coupons on the Marketplace

ArtStation is constantly working on providing tools to help artists thrive, promote their work, and be successful. The latest Marketplace release enables Pro sellers to create their own coupons and the tools to easily market them. Coupons provide the opportunity to drive more traffic and sales to your store and reward current customers.

Run your own promotions and blast them out to your followers in a few easy clicks.

How to Create Coupons

To create a coupon, go to Discounts & Coupons from your dropdown menu and make sure “Participate in Sales” is toggled on. Once on the page, select the “Add Coupon” button and set the percentage value, coupon code, and end date.

With unique coupon codes, you’ll be able to directly measure how effective your campaigns are and see how many people used each code.

Built-In Marketing Tools for Easy Sharing

Once you create your coupon, ArtStation automatically generates beautiful social sharing images that you can use for promoting your store.

The image above was generated for preview purposes only.

You can post to your social channels directly with the click of a button or download them to use anywhere you want. With these tools, we cut out the marketing work for you so that you can spend more time creating great products.

Create Marketplace Coupons

The ability to create Marketplace coupons is exclusively available to ArtStation Pro members. To gain access to more exclusive benefits and features, upgrade now.


What sizes can I download the marketing images in?

800x418px and 800x800px.¬†ArtStation provides images optimized for the social media platform you are posting to so that the image won’t be cropped.

Are there any limitations for coupons? 

The only limitation for the coupon amount is that the final discounted price of the product cannot be lower than $1.

What is the difference between an archived coupon and a deactivated coupon?

When you archive a coupon, you are disabling it for good. When you deactivate a coupon, it will be temporarily disabled and you have the option of reactivating it later.

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