9 Assets to Improve Your Environments

Stop getting frustrated with your environments or with making your backgrounds pop and start shopping assets on the ArtStation Marketplace. There’s no better time to shop because the Marketplace is currently running a huge sale with up to 70% on 3D Assets and Game Assets.

Sci-Fi walls KitBash Pack 60+

by Serhii Voloshenko
Space ship? Secret alien base? Your solution for Sci-fi environments is here. This pack includes 60 3D Assets for making stellar sci-fi walls.

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300+ Hard Surface Alphas / Demo Video

by Mels Mneyan
Get ready for this big library of assets/alphas to make your hard surfaces looking fresh and shiny. With over 300 alphas to choose from, the only limit is your imagination.

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Pipes – 80 pieces

by Armen Manukyan
Industrial vents to home plumbing; this 80 piece pipe asset pack has got you covered.

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Stone Wall Modular Pack

by Renier Van Der Westhuizen
This stone wall pack was built to be used in a game engine to construct scenes for illustration purposes, but it could be used for other game projects if this modular approach is compatible with your needs. This pack is a collection of game engine ready stone wall assets.  It’s low-level details that’s intended to be composed into more complex models or prefabs.

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Sci-Fi Buildings Pack – 30 Buildings

by Sergey Tyapkin
This pack of 30 meshes is for artists who want to fill backgrounds with sci-fi buildings. Perfect for rendering in Octane, Redshift etc.

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Zbrush Screws IMM Brush

by Rachid Jatib
If your environment is in need of some extra fine detail, these screw assets could be the answer. This pack includes a total of 26 screw meshes.

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Slate Paving – Substance Material

by Stephen Honegger
This slate paving pack includes the ability to change the gloss and amount of brown iron mottling. All settings are tweakable directly in the Substance file.

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Cobblestone Ground Substance Graph

by Florian Feldbinder
Cobblestone ground can give your environment a historical feel, so look no further for your trip back in time. The included file is highly customizable; predefined attributes to customize and tweak the material in Substance Painter, Substance Player, Unreal or Unity.

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by Alp Allen Altiner
Carefully built for game and film production, this asset pack comes with 34 fences that vary from pristine to destroyed for whatever your environment calls for.

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