MSI Creator P65 –The launch pad for your ideas 

Whether you’re a video editor, music producer or a mix of everything in between, the P65 Creator is crafted to be the perfect tool to enable you to be your best. MSI is a computing company that recognizes the power of creativity and the ability of creators to bring creations to life. They hope to enable artists with the tools necessary to create their works. 

Taking creativity to new heights

MSI understands the importance of being able to plot down ideas and execute them. When it comes to bringing ideas to life, it’s crucial to have the tools necessary to build them; the P65 Creator serves to do that. The P65 Creator was designed to help creators take on the demanding programs they put their ideas through. 

Create On the Go

MSI’s Creator Series laptop, P65 Creator, is tailored for intensive processes such as; 3D modeling, animation, video rendering, graphic design and more. It features a lightweight and ultra-portable chassis giving creators ease of access. Understanding brilliant ideas can appear at a moment’s notice, MSI created a laptop that allows creators to work on their ideas whenever and wherever they are. The slim 0.69 inch aluminum chassis holds together all the components needed to take on the most demanding of tasks anywhere the creator is. 

  • NVIDIA RTX 2070 Graphics Card
  • 9th Gen Intel® CoreTM i9 8-Core processor 
  • 4K display
  • Cooler Boost Trinity Fan Technology 
  • Creator Center

With all this hardware, the P65 Creator is able to deliver the processing power artists need to create their works. Utilizing Nvidia and Intel, the P65 Creator is able to take advantage of high-end processing power. Paired with MSI’s Creator Center software, optimize your programs and get the most out of your applications. Learn more.

(Maarten Verhoeven, 3D Modeler / Z-Brush Competition World Champion)

Do more with MSI

MSI has collaborated with several creators in the field to better understand what users want. MSI has worked with artists such as; Maarten Verhoeven and Colie Wertz to help them create their works. 

Live Sculpt-off Champion Hard Surface of ZBrush 2018, Maarten Verhoeven, is a professional 3D digital concept sculptor and specializes in work for film, collectibles and toys. He has contributed his talents to various works, productions and clients including; Pixologic, Hasbro, Avengers, G.I. Joe, Iron Man, Gentle Giant, Walking Dead, The Hobbit, Luxion, Formlabs, 3DArtist Magazine, 3D world Magazine and 3D creative magazine. For this work, Maarten requires a laptop with reliable processing power and has this to say about his MSI laptop, “it’s so powerful, like I am carrying the studio with me”.  Learn more about Maarten Verhoeven

Concept artist and CG modeler, Colie Wertz, specializes in sci-fi spacecraft, vehicles, robots and mech concept art and has worked with films such as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, The Last Jedi, Captain America: Civil War, Transformers, and Iron Man, just to name a few. Colie finds inspiration from every corner of his daily life so his laptop is a great way for him to interpret his creativity. Colie is able to sculpt in VR and define his creativity. Learn more about Colie Wertz

(Colie Wertz, Concept Creator)


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