THU 2019: The art event where game and VFX studios find top talent

The world’s leading art event, Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn, is just over one month away (September 23-28, 2019) in Malta, and there’s exciting news already. The ArtStation Recruitment Fair will host more than 25 game and VFX studios at THU looking to recruit top talent.

Studios that will be attending include: Riot Games, Industrial Light & Magic, Bandai Namco, Studio Gobo, Playground Games, Creative Assembly, Wooga, Ilion, La Tribu Animation, Pixifox Animation, Sumo Digital, Yggdrasil, Atomhawk, Space Ape, King, Kilograph, Ubisoft Blue Byte, InnoGames, UNGA, Outfit7, Ubisoft Mobile, Stargate Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios and more to be announced.

The Recruitment application process for attendees is now open! Go to your THU account, choose wisely and prepare your portfolio. Studios will then select the candidates they will see during recruitment sessions. Beyond the recruiting sessions, recruiters will also join The Tribe during the event to mentor artists on how to improve their portfolios. This sets THU apart from other events providing a safe place for artists to get feedback for their work, and also understand what studios are looking for.

What studios look for when you interview

Creators, students, creatives, entrepreneurs, makers, developers and artists of all kinds call THU home and so should you! Participants can take workshops, get portfolio reviews and even find a dream job. THU is for anyone in need of a creative boost. Get your ticket and join The Tribe!

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Daniel is the Industry Manager for ArtStation.