Global Game Art Contest (GGAC) 2019 Launched!

Welcome to Global Game Art Contest 2019!

From Super Mario to League of Legends, from Diablo to Zelda, every generation of game artists has invested their  imagination and creativity in building these virtual game worlds. Global Game Art Contest (GGAC) is one of the largest professional game art events in the world. Global registration for the 2019 season has now started. The deadline for the registration is 23:59 on September 30, 2019 (GMT+8).

GGAC2019 invited international top CG artists from 6 different countries to be the judges.

Riot Games Senior illustrator Chengwei Pan  – Judge for GGAC2019 2D Art

Senior Art director at Behaviour Interactive Pascal Blanché  –  Judge for GGAC2019 3D Art

The Judges for 2D Art Group

Chengwei Pan – Senior Illustrator at Riot Games

Krenz Cushart – Famous freelance artist

dospi – Famous Korean Concept Art Freelancer Illustrator

Lian Li & Yohann Schepacz – Art Director at Oxan Studio

Xiaoyu Wang – Champion of GGAC 2018 2D Professional Group

G liulian – Senior Environmental Concept Designer at Tencent Games

The Judges for 3D Art Group

Pascal Blanché – Senior Art director at Behaviour Interactive

Zhelong Xu – Chinese Top-notch CG Artist

Cedric Seaut – Co-Founder at Keos Masons

Frank Tzeng – Lead Character artist at Naughty Dog

Damien Canderle – Senior Character Artist at Blur Studio

pugui – Chinese Top-notch 3D Artist

Chen Zhang Champion of GGAC 2018 3D Professional Group

Event Hosts and Sponsors

GGAC is hosted by the largest CG art development and outsource platform, ABOX. The event is co-organized by Wacom, Tencent Game Channel, as well as the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. The contest received full support from globally well-known Chinese game firms, including Tencent, NetEase, Shanda, and Giant Games.


2D Art:
Character Design
Environment Design

3D Art:
3D Character
3D Environment Art.

More details on GGAC rules and regulations > 

See Previous Awarded Entries (2018) >

Theme of 2019 :The Lost Civilization, Loulan Kingdom

One of the greatest mysteries in the history is the disappearance of the ancient city of Loulan. The city was located in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in China. Like Pompeii in ancient Rome which drowned in a sea of volcanic ash, Loulan, once a beautiful city, transformed into a barren and perilous desert landscape. Loulan was established as a kingdom in 176 B.C. and flourished for over 800 years. The city was like an oasis traversed by a limpid river and situated next to a bountiful lake.

Silk Road is a historically important international trade route. As one of the major stops on the old Silk Road, Loulan was a center for the trading among Europe, Central Asia, and ancient China. The kingdom was booming economically while serving as a peaceful and paradisiacal environment for its citizens and visitors.

However, the flourishing city of Loulan was curiously abandoned and transformed into a desert wasteland in the 3rd century. By around 618 – 907 A.D., it had fallen into oblivion and never mentioned in the history again until its rediscovery in the 20th century.

Architecture is an important symbol reflecting the history of a certain civilization. The Loulan Kingdom is a mysterious place with very limited records.

Was it a lonely city in the desert, or prosperity hidden in an oasis? Was it an underground world or a floating air city? Or maybe, it was even a fantasy city full of advanced technology! Register for the Global Game Art Contest now and unleash your imagination.

Learn more about LouLan here >

“GGAC provides a platform that lets everyone pay attention and focus on originality. It’s a phenomenon.” – Zhelong Xu

“I think the most important thing in GGAC is to discover new artists and plant the seeds of art into the hearts of newcomers.” – Chengwei Pan


Open Registration: Apr 20th, 2019 to Sep 30th, 2019 (GMT+8)
Entries Acceptation: Apr 20th, 2019 to Oct 7th, 2019 (GMT+8)

Register now or learn more >

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