The ArtStation App is back!

As you may have heard, the ArtStation App was suspended from the Google Play Store in December for being flagged on a  Violation of Sexually Explicit Content policy. Read the full article on it here.

We are happy to announce that the latest update was just approved and rereleased!

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In order to release, we’ve made some necessary changes to the app to ensure we are in compliance with the Google Play Store and App Store guidelines while still being able to offer you the same ArtStation you know and love.

New Sign-In

We now require all app users to sign in to aid in compliance.

Signing in also enables abuse reporting and blocking features which are required for compliance.

To make things easier, we’ve redesigned the sign up and sign in process so you can sign up for an ArtStation account seamlessly and have direct access to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy from the sign up flow.

Improved Abuse Reporting and User Blocking

ArtStation is committed to taking quicker action on removing content that is offensive, inappropriate or infringes copyright. The new update enables you to file an abuse report or block a user directly in the app and have the reported content immediately removed from your feed.

We’ve also brought on a new moderation team so that we can actively review that content is in accordance with our guidelines and respond to reports faster and more efficiently.

Mature Content

Please note that due to restrictions from Apple and Google, no mature content will appear on our iOS or Android apps unless it is first enabled from the website. Our app has been suspended from the App Store and Google Play too many times now. We want to stay on the safe side.

To view Mature Content on the App, you must first select “Show mature content” when signed in to ArtStation on desktop. This option can be found on your Settings page under the heading “Browsing Experience”.

We’ve made these changes hoping they will make the ArtStation app fully compliant so we can remain on the Google Play Store. Meanwhile, we’re doing our best to continue to make improvements to the app and have some exciting new features for it coming soon.

Download the ArtStation for your Apple or Android device.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at

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