New Challenge: Feudal Japan – The Shogunate

ArtStation Community Challenges enable you to work on improving your skills, connect with and learn from other artists, create new material for your portfolio and show the ArtStation Community what you’re capable of.  We hope you’re ready because an exciting new ArtStation Community Challenge begins now.

The theme of the sixth ArtStation Community Challenge is Feudal Japan: The Shogunate – The period in Japanese history when lords (daimyo), their warlords (shogun) and warriors (samurai) ruled over Japan. We’re challenging artists to imagine tales from the Island Kingdom whether it is about the ruling class, the military class, or the peasants who propped up the whole feudal system with their hard work.

Join the Challenge

As a historical theme we recommend you research the feudal period whether on Wiki or YouTube, and delve into the folklore of the time through resources like—the online database of Japanese ghosts and monsters.

The Challenge starts with four Concept Art categories (Keyframe Concept Art, Character Design, Environment Design and Prop Design) running for four weeks. We will then open up four Production categories (Game Character Art, Game Environment/Level Art, Film/VFX Character Art and Film/VFX Prop Art) which will start at the conclusion of the Concept Art categories on 15 October, 2018.

Enter Phase 1

You can now register for the Concept art categories and begin the challenge.

Keyframe Concept Art

Character Design

Environment Design

Prop Design

Challenge Hosts

In order to help you push your submission to the next level, each category has hosts to give constructive feedback on your updates and general tips along the way.

Share your Progress

An important part of ArtStation Challenges is posting WIPs so that the judges and viewers can see how you came to your end result and can give feedback along the way.

The official challenge hashtag is #FeudalJapanChallenge. Share your progress with us and others using the hashtag when you post updates on your other social media.


The concept art challenges begin on Monday 17th September 2018 and the entry deadlines are Monday 15th October 2018. The production challenges will begin on Monday 15th October 2018 and the entry deadlines will be Monday 3rd December 2018.

Thanks to Michael Weisheim Beresin for his Samurai featured image!

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