effectsMTL 2018: Live Demos, Sessions & More

Come and join us at effectsMTL, the largest conference on the North American East Coast for the VFX and Animation industries. This annual event taking place June 5 Р6 gives opportunity to professionals to learn and network with their peers and to access one of the major industry hubs in the world. More than 40 sessions  will take place during the event, all presented by major industry actors from renowned VFX and animation studios. Find out more.

Make sure to come by and see us at booth #63. We will be featuring some of our incredibly talented artists who will be on-site performing live demos.

Demo Schedule

Tuesday – June 5th

10:00am -12pm: Francesco Lorenzetti
6pm Р9pm (Nocturne): Martin Deschambault 

Wednesday – June 6th
10:00 am -12pm: Daniel Gies
1pm – 3pm: Sergei Sarichev
3pm – 6pm: Sean Vo



Daniel Gies

With 20 years in the art and technology industry, Daniel is an accomplished animator, artist, and programmer. His peers know him as a creative artistic force and a thought leader in pushing the limits of animation. His extensive tutorial library – comprised of more than 80 online video tutorials which explore his innovative and unique computer animation techniques – has an active and organically growing international online following. Dan is the creative and technical epicentre of Montreal-based animation studio and digital tools lab e.d. Films.

Sean Vo

Sean Vo is a concept artist working on The Avengers Project at Eidos based in Montreal. He has previously worked for WB Games Montreal and has worked freelance on titles such as the Castlevania Animated TV series and other unannounced projects.

Francesco Lorenzetti

Born and raised in the Swiss Alps, Francesco has had a passion for art since childhood. Living in the mountains gave him a sensitive touch for epic imagery, and the need to transfer it to paper was a necessity. In school, he focused on traditional media and following his graduation, he did Illustrations at the comic book school in Milan. He then discovered digital art, and the new world of concept art. His first job was as a concept artist in England, working for AAA games and films. For the past 5 years he has been working and living in Montreal, looking ahead to find new frontiers in digital art and pushing any aspect of creation, from traditional 2D skills to 3D and tech art.

Sergei Sarichev

Sergei Sarichev is a self-taught Matte painter & Concept artist working in the entertainment industry. Following a long career in engineering prior to becoming a professional artist, Sergei enjoys combining the two to create realistic and thought through designs and concepts.

Over the past few years Sergei has spent his time on a large variety of projects in the Games industry, Marketing and illustration. Currently Sergei is working at Mr. X Montreal, focused on creating for feature films and TV shows.

If you haven’t got your ticket yet for the event, you can¬†visit their box office.

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