Christian Hecker creates an epic sci-fi scene using E-on Software’s VUE

Christian Hecker  is a concept artist and matte painter based in Nuremberg, Germany. He has worked on a wide range of projects including games such as Stardock Entertainment’s Galactic Civilization, XPrize’s Seat 14c sci-fi short story event, book covers for Hachette Book Group, Panini and Rheinwerk Verlag, and numerous publication feature articles including Advanced Photoshop, 3D Artist, 3D World Magazine and All About Space.

Christian shares his process to create a sci-fi environment, Port Fenster, using E-on Software’s VUE Infinite world-generating software.

VUE Infinite is available for Mac and Windows starting at US$1,295. A free trial is also available.

Check out Christian’s ArtStation portfolio!

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