Respawn Entertainment Titanfall 2 Art Blast!

Respawn Entertainment released the sequel to its flagship title, Titanfall 2, last week to critical acclaim. We’re thrilled to showcase the work of very talented Respawn art team with an ArtStation Art Blast.

Eighteen Respawn concept artists, character artists, environment artists, weapon artists and matte painting artists have all posted their Titanfall 2 work today in their ArtStation portfolios, and we’ve got a selection of that work here. We’ll add more artists as they post their work.

To see all of the amazing artwork in one place, try here!

Huge thanks also go to Respawn Entertainment’s Tu Bui for making the Art Blast happen!

Check out the great work and check back for more artists in the coming weeks!

Additional credits: Joel Emslie (Art Director)


Concept Artists

Jung Park – Lead Concept Artist

Jung Park (Lead Concept Artist): Titanfall 2

Tu Bui – Concept Artist and Matte Painter

Tu Bui (Concept Artist and Matte Painter): Titanfall 2

Danny Gardner – Senior Concept Artist

Danny Gardner (Senior Concept Artist): Titanfall 2

Hethe Srodawa – Senior Concept Artist

Hethe Srodawa (Senior Concept Artist): Titanfall 2

Cliff Childs – Senior Concept Artist

Chris Childs (Senior Concept Artist): Titanfall 2


Character Artist

Regie Santiago – Senior Character Artist

Regie Santiago (Senior Character Artist): Titanfall 2

Environment Artists

Lewis Walden – Super Senior Environment Artist

Lewis Walden (Super Senior Environment Artist): Titanfall 2

Jose Zavala – Senior Environment Artist

Jose Zavala (Senior Environment Artist): Titanfall 2

Kristen Altamirano – Senior Environment Artist

Kristen Altamirano (Senior Environment Artist): Titanfall 2

Austin Arnett – Senior Environment Artist

Austin Arnett (Senior Environment Artist): Titanfall 2

Jacob Virginia – Senior Environment Artist

Jacob Virginia (Environment Artist): Titanfall 2

Josh Dunnan – Environment Artist

Josh Dunnan (Environment Artist): Titanfall 2

Tragan Monaghan – Environment Artist

Trajan Monaghan (Environment Artist): Titanfall 2


3D Artist

William Cho – Senior 3D Artist

William Cho (Senior 3D Artist): Titanfall 2

Brian Burrell – Senior 3D Artist

Brian Burrell (Senior 3D Artist): Titanfall 2


Weapon Artist

Wonjae Kim – Weapon Artist

Wonjae Kim (Weapon Artist): Titanfall 2


Ryan Lastimosa – Lead Artist

Ryan Lastimosa (Lead Artist): Titanfall 2


Matte Painting Artist

Ethan Ayer – Matte Painting Artist

Ethan Ayer (Matte Painting Artist): Titanfall 2

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