Check out new $8 particle painting tool Particle 9

Unless you work in visual effects, you may not be aware of Howler: a unique digital painting application with additional toolsets for greenscreen keying, roto work, and even 3D rendering.

But at its core, Howler is a robust 2D painting tool: something its developers have set out to prove with Particle, their new ‘app-priced’ addition to the product family.

For $7.99, you essentially get Howler minus its animation features, retooled with a new vector-rendered UI designed for use with tablets and pen devices.

And, as its name suggests, in addition to conventional brushes, Particle features a versatile set of 3D particle brushes, or ‘orbicles’.

We can’t find a comprehensive feature list online, but the videos on the software’s homepage should give you a reasonable idea of Particle’s capabilities. The software is Windows-only.

Read more about Particle 9 on the developers’ website

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About the author

Jim Thacker is a contributing editor for ArtStation Magazine.