New ‘CG Art Glove’ cleans your Cintiq as you draw

If you use a Wacom Cintiq, check out the Kickstarter campaign for The CG Art Glove: a microfibre glove designed to clean the surface of your tablet as you draw, created by Sacramento-based startup DokiWear.

Designed and tested by games artists, The CG Art Glove began as an ordinary glove with three fingers cut off, but evolved into something far more high-tech, promising moisture wicking, stretch compression and support for key contact points.

All the early bird options have gone, but the glove itself only costs $20, including delivery inside the USA. The gloves are due to ship in February 2014.

Read more about The CG Art Glove on its Kickstarter campaign page

About the author

Jim Thacker is a contributing editor for ArtStation Magazine.