Try These 10 Fur Assets for Creature Design

This ArtStation Marketplace product roundup includes brush assets and tutorials for both 2D and 3D projects. Find something for your next creature or character design project today!

Image of a werewolf with the name of the brush pack

Fur Brush Set

by Zsolt Kosa

This Photoshop brush set includes 33 unique hi-res dynamic brushes for details, edges, and inner areas.

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A before and after comparison using the fur brush, showing a dog in a metal suit

Fur Brushes

by Dean Oyebo

This pack contains 28 custom-made brushes to help your fur painting.

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Swatches with the stylized brush strokes

Shrineheart’s Painterly Fur – 27 Brushes

by Hannah Miller

Looking for something more stylized? You’ll find 27 fur brushes for Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio in Hannah’s brush pack.

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Close up of grey, realistic fur

Fur (Ornatrix+Redshift) 3ds Max + Maya scenes

by Andrew Krivulya

This pack includes a 3ds Max 2020 scene with all Ornatrix modifiers, ready to render with Redshift. It also comes with a Maya 2018 scene with all Ornatrix 3 modifiers and Redshift 3 renderer.

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Colorful spheres showing the fur asset

Smart Fur Material

by Alexandra Lazarenko

This smart Substance material allows you to change color, curling, length, direction, and more.

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Shot of the brush next to an example project

ZBrush Fur Brush

by Imprint Delight | Ana Cutsevol

Make working with fur a breeze! This brush is also suitable for creating short hair.

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A before and after comparison of a fur neck warmer, with and without the brush

Hair and Fur VDM Brushes

by Vladimir Silkin

These VDM brushes for ZBrush can be used for sculpting hair and fur on any type of character, creature, or animal. The product includes 22 VDM brushes, and is intended for ZBrush versions 2019 and higher.

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Close up of brown soft realistic fur

Creating a Smart Fur Material | QiYu Dai

by Level Up Digital

Learn how to create a realistic customizable fur material using Substance Designer, make it into a Substance Painter smart material, and control the flow and direction of the fur. In this tutorial, Ubisoft Senior Artist QiYu Dai (aka Aiden) takes you through his full creation process, sharing insights along the way. You can also pick up QiYu Dai’s smart material here.

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An anthropomorphic lion swipes at the camera, demonstrating the tutorial content

How To Paint Animal Fur

by Nate Hallinan

Get 2.5-hours of content demonstrating how to paint various types of animal fur/hair and how to apply it to a character. The pack also includes the 13 Photoshop brushes used in the tutorial. Learn how to step up your realism!

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A title card for the venonat tutorial, showing a side and back profile of the character

Grooming Of Venonat in Houdini

by Gerard Pasqual Gill

In this workshop, FX Artist Gerard Pasqual shares his complete workflow process for creating a realistic groom using Houdini Hairgen. Gerard also offers other fur tutorials such as “Grooming Of Pug In Houdini” on his store.

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