Digital Human Contest: Innovative Character Creation

Character Contest Showcases Breakthrough Real-time Tools for Artists

Building characters from scratch is a tedious process, entailing hours of work to achieve a quality result. Now, Reallusion introduces game-changing solutions for character artists to add speed and creativity with the tools featured in their Digital Human solution: Character Creator, iClone and recently released SkinGen.

With the Character Creator and iClone real-time pipeline, artists can gain access to a complete character creation and animation toolset, with the flexibility of ZBrush’s GoZ round-trip capability. Speed sculpt with a base character model rigged for animation and make your artwork come alive!

The contest begins now and goes through to November 18th – find out more on the official contest website.

60-day ArtStation PRO trial + 2-month free software

  • All ArtStation Premium members will get 2-months free software of Character Creator 3 and iClone.
  • All contestants can access ArtStation for a 60-day Pro trial (first-time ArtStation Pro users only)
  • Winners will gain Reallusion’s sponsored exposure on ArtStation Magazine, newsletter and social media.

A Game-changing Character Design Platform for 3D Artists

Reallusion calls on the best 3D artists, game-art creators, and animators to participate in an all-out contest where artists are invited to combine Character Creator with other favourite tools like ZBrush, Marvelous Designer,, and more for a chance to win. Big rewards await artists that successfully incorporate Character Creator (CC) into their project workflow.

Reallusion Character Creator is a Seamless Pipeline for Artists:

  • Supports ZBrush fast sculpting/cloth design with GoZ, and Substance Painter UDIM workflow with presets.
  • Auto-convert to mainstream game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity with realistic human shading.
  • Connect to industry-leading pipelines like TexturingXYZ, Scanned 3D assets, Maya, Blender, and more.
  • Apply skin weight and cloth physics on clothes imported from Marvelous Designer.

3 Categories for all Character Artists to Submit:

The contestants will need to use CC characters as a base to design their characters and create and maintain Work in Progress during production on ArtStation.

Realistic Character

Create a realistic CC character by combining your CC3+ Base character with tools like ZBrush, Substance Painter, Blender, Wrap3, Headshot for CC, etc.

Stylized Character

Create a stylized CC character by combining your CC3+ Base character with tools like ZBrush, Substance Painter, Blender, Wrap3, Headshot for CC, etc.

Animated Character

Animate your CC character by using any 3D animation tool like iClone, UE4, Maya, Unity, Blender, C4D, etc.

Cash Prizes for 9 Winners: 1st place $2,000 (3x), 2nd place $1,000 (3x), 3rd place $500 (3x)

Sponsor Prizes from Industry Leaders

This event is being sponsored by industry leaders for character design.  Amazing product prizes from a full mocap suite from Noitom, free subscription to ArtStation, software licenses from ZBrush, Substance,, Marvelous Designer, and Faceware. Reallusion Character Creator is the hub for character design and connects artists with their favorite partners.

Join the Digital Human Contest 2020

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