Protect Your Account with Two Factor Authentication

As artists, you put a lot of work into your portfolio and products and often store a lot of confidential information on your ArtStation account. That’s why we want to help you keep it secure.

You can now enable a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) system using the ArtStation App as an authentication device. A 2FA system adds an extra layer of security so you can verify new devices that try to sign in to your account. That way, if your account login is ever compromised, the attacker will still be blocked from signing in.

We highly recommend all users to enable 2FA. For Marketplace and Prints sellers, this is especially important as it will ensure that your payouts are protected as well.

How to Enable Two Factor Authentication

From the ArtStation App on iOS or Android, go to Two-Factor Auth from your Settings and enable Two-Factor Auth.

When you receive the email, make sure you confirm via your mobile device. Once enabled, you can confirm or deny any log-in requests from the Two Factor Auth Requests page located at the top of your mobile menu bar.

You’ll be asked to complete 2FA whenever there’s a new sign in or if there is a request to delete your account. Even if someone accesses your account from a trusted device, they won’t be able to erase it without passing a second Two Factor Authentication.

On iOS, you have the ability to set a device as trusted so you won’t have to complete 2FA every time.

Your account security is important to us. Protect your ArtStation account now with Two Factor Authentication.

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