10 Stunning Landscape Photos & References

Capture realistic scenery in your next project with the help of these amazing landscape photo references.

Forest, Environment Pack

by Nikita Vitol

These photos were taken in a beautiful northern forest, in the photo you can see trees, stones, moss and a lake, This pack includes 142 photos and 1 panorama of fabulous views of Northern nature

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by Jan Hadžić

From dawn to dusk, from moody to romantic, from clear to cloudy. This pack contains a wide variety of skies and it’s bursting out with shapes and colors. Unleash your imagination in concept art with this essential pack.

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Sky Reference Pack

by Christian Dimitrov

This reference pack has a variety of skies shot from different angles at different times of day (sunrise, morning, day, afternoon, sunset, dusk). All photos are royalty-free.

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Deep Forest Photo Ref Pack

by James Lillich

These photos were shot deep in the redwood forests of California. Image package includes pictures of old-growth redwoods, rivers, creeks, waterfalls, ferns, wooden staircases, wooden footbridges, gigantic roots, hollowed-out trees, dirt trails, and much more.

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by Daniel Bayona

Mainly aerial shots of the majestic valleys and cliffs from the Rivendell original location for Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Includes Several ready to use pre-stitched Panoramas.

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300 HD landscapes photos

by Pierre Lazarevic

Snowy rocky mountains from France, rocky foggy hills from the highlands of Scotland, brilliant shades of red and orange of Autumn in Serbia, green vegetation from Vietnam. Enjoy these 300 HD landscapes photographies.

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Sunset Sunrise Texture PACK

by Mélanie GELEY

This pack contains references of sunrise and sunset skies, as well as panoramas of the views. These photos are ideal for matte painting, photo-bashing, or as a reference.

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Red Centre Australia Reference Pack

by Patryk Olas

All these photos were taken in Alice Springs, Uluru (Ayers Rock), Olgas and some surrounding areas. This pack includes red rocks, sparse foliage, plains, giant rocks/boulders, random wildlife, dead trees, more rocks, some dirt, more giant rocks and yellow grass.

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by Mels Mneyan

500+ reference pictures for matte painting and photo-bashing; includes high-resolution pictures of mountains, high-top views, forests, waterfalls, rocks, landscapes, and other material pictures for texturing.

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Secluded Pond

by Timo Peter

This pack includes 77 reference images of a secluded pond in a wooded area. 9

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