Introducing New Smaller ArtStation Prints & Posters

Are you ready for the best thing to happen to ArtStation Prints since it first launched back in May of 2019? Take a look at ArtStation Art Prints and Posters and you’ll see there are new smaller sizes!

Artwork by Jakub Rozalski

Why are these smaller sizes awesome?

  • No wall space, no problem! Use these smaller prints to decorate your desk, your locker, or your fridge!
  • Envelope sized: spend less on shipping your new art piece because these prints fit in envelopes.
  • They make the perfect gift. Simple, elegant and convenient.
  • Same amazing quality as the regular-sized ArtStation prints and posters

Artwork by Alena Aenami

How will you know if the print or poster you’re ordering is envelope sized? Here’s the list of our new sizes:

  • 8x8in
  • 8x10in
  • 11.2×14
  • 8.5×11.3
  • 8×12

Artwork by Alexandre Chaudret

For Artists

If you’re still new to ArtStation Prints, now’s the time to get started. As an artist, you get to choose your own markup on the prints you sell. If you’re an ArtStation Pro member you get an additional 5% of the base price in earnings. These new prints sizes will only expand your potential client base.

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