Painting in Flame Painter 4: A Creative Dialogue with Particles



There’s no doubt that digital art is an exciting art form which allows for a great variety of expressions. The virtual environment adapts to the market’s specific needs and makes the whole workflow more productive than ever in history. With Flame Painter 4, a new version of this successful art package, creating and perfecting your digital work has never been more effective.

This game-changing software charges up the possibilities of digital painting and promises to enhance your designs and photographs with captivating particle brushes. It is not a kind of painting software with an ordinary set of tools that just start and end. Brushes in Flame Painter are alive – they vibrate, run, fade… The particles in your stroke are being metamorphosed into a color surface, gradients, geometric shapes, lines, textures, photographs. It’s a whole new graphic universe!


If you want to bring the elements of a truly unusual design or depiction of natural forces to your drawings, paintings or photographs, Flame Painter 4 should be on your radar. You can achieve interesting effects for posters, backgrounds or create original patterns with graphic brushes or just have fun experimenting with photo effects brushes. You’ll find a huge selection of brushes packed in the software or  in the free, online Brush Library. But that’s not all! Read on to find out more about the most exciting features you’ll love:

  • Groundbreaking Particle Systems Technology6 Particle systems capable of generating a range of effects are here to match your specific workflow needs. Flame, Ribbon and Follow particle systems are included in the package. Liner, Elastic and Fuzzy are introduced as add-ons.

  • Captivating Particle Brushes – Flame Painter’s organic brushes are a unique solution nowhere to be found in other software on the market. Flowing, lashing, neon, dots, or even tentacle-like brushstrokes create attention-grabbing effects on your designs. Flame Painter 4 comes with hundreds of brush presets to experiment with.

  • Instant Connectivity – Although Flame Painter works as a standalone application, a complimentary Photoshop plug-in is available. This handy tool gives you the possibility of exchanging layers between Flame Painter and Photoshop, making your creative process seamless and easy.
  • Smooth Work with Vector Paths – Import an SVG file either to one layer as a bitmap or to multiple layers as a vector which can be further edited. Would you like to change the appearance of an already drawn vector path? You can! Simply switch between brushes, edit the brush or select different colors or gradients to achieve desired results.

  • Your Own Brush Designs – Creating and customizing the brush designs is possible thanks to an advanced Brush Creator with a wealth of adjustable parameters at your disposal. With newly introduced variables, the range of possibilities of how the brush can look and behave is really limitless.
  • Exciting Symmetries – Create beautiful symmetrical artworks using only a few paint strokes with your mouse or tablet pen. Follow your artistic intuition and choose different colors or gradients to produce a fascinating scene.


Flame Painter 4 is available from Escape Motions website for the price of $89.99 USD:

All existing owners of older Flame Painter desktop versions are eligible for more than 50% discount – the upgrade price is $39.99 USD. The newly released particle systems – Liner, Fuzzy and Elastic – can be purchased for $19.99 USD each or bundled together for an introductory price of $39.99 USD.

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