Featured Pro Portfolio: Timothy Dries

Timothy Dries is an environment artist in the games industry, highly passionate about creating environments with a story to tell. With the new ArtStation Pro Sidewinder theme he customized, the spotlight is always on the incredible artwork.

Check out Timothy’s ArtStation-powered portfolio website. 

For the past couple of months, Timothy has been posting weekly blog posts on his page with updates and tips.

“The blog feature gave me the drive to be consistent with my art and gave me a way to give back to the community, which is a big part of my weekly routine now.”

In this interview, Timothy talks his proudest achievements, what he does to promote his artwork and get noticed and more.

Tell us about one of your proudest achievements in your art career. 

I’m still so early in my career but I feel very fortunate to have worked on some amazing professional projects such as Planet Coaster and Jurassic World Evolution and probably because it was my first, Planet Coaster still holds a special place in my heart.

That being said, I feel that a lot of my recent achievements done in my personal time are probably the things I am most proud of, such as finishing my latest scene “Last Bastion”, doing interviews and tutorials for 3D Artist and giving back to the community with my weekly blog and interviews like this one are all the things I am proud of, I feel very humbled with being approached by such notable platforms.

What do you do to promote your artwork and get noticed?

A thing that really helped me is keeping things on a schedule, pushing myself to be consistent when it comes to promoting my own art, a big part of this was using the ArtStation blog every Thursday as my main way to keep people up to date with my personal work, give back to the community and help other people get inspired. I also try to keep things up to date on my social media platforms, but I feel less consistent on those.

If I am honest, although I try to keep those up to date as well, groups such as Ten Thousand Hours or certain hashtags on twitter, such as #ScreenShotSaturday are really worth checking out and sharing your work through as well. Other than that, whenever I get contacted by anyone who wants to share my art, I always agree to do a little write-up and this helps a lot! Adding value for people makes your work a lot more shareable.

What kind of training or experiences brought you to the level you’re at today?

A strong educational base really helped when it comes to getting into the industry especially when it came to pushing myself and trying new things constantly. This mindset translated into having a daily routine over time, which I am still constantly improving. As for more recently, it’s mostly me doing my personal work out of passion and out of drive that I want to be better at making art constantly trying to push myself in every way possible by finding new levels to rise to, by adding more and more pressure so I have to streamline every bit of my day.

What is your all-time dream project to work on? 

I would really love to be able to take part into a game that is heavily focused on open-world environmental storytelling, with my personal all time favorite being the Fallout Series for sure! The environmental storytelling in those games has always been on-point and I would love to be able to contribute to that universe or another universe that Bethesda has in story in the future.

 See more of Timothy’s work on his portfolio websiteTo learn more about ArtStation Pro websites, click here

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