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The ArtStation Marketplace is a resource for artists to buy and sell products.  This week, we’re featuring some awesome products from the 3D assets category:

How to create cinematic cityscapes

This pack includes all the material you might need to create a cityscape of your own design:

  • 100+ 3D assets (Roofs, panels, pipes, scaffolding, water tanks and etc.)
  • 85+ ULTRA hires displacement maps
  • 3Dscenes + Photoshop files
  • 2 hours of narrated video tutorials.

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Sci-fi Space Cockpits

by Emiel Sleegers

All objects have prefabs with their own materials. Objects are all low poly and optimized. Great to use on any device.All assets have been set up to work with the PBR metallic/roughness method. This pack contains: 3 highly detailed cockpits. 19 prefabs including the asteroids and planets. 12 materials. 1 Demo Scene.

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Photogrammetry Rock Pack Toolkit

by Travis Davids

The Photogrammetry Rock Pack TOOLKIT contains 9 photogrammetry scanned rocks, 7 custom rocks that were created by combining rocks together, 9 rock alphas, 1 IMM ROCK BRUSH that contains the high poly of each scanned rock and 2 tutorials showing you how to push these assets further.

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Spaceship Kitbash Kit

by Andrew Hodgson

This Purchase includes 128 components I use on a daily basis for my own work. The geometry is NOT sub D geometry and does not include UVs. FBX format comes with each component grouped and named. OBJ format comes in 10 chunks that will have to be split and organized. Files come zipped.

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Hardsurface Kitbashset 01

This hardsurface kit contains 100 models that were used in the creation of the artist’s latest Mech projects. All models are weighted subD geometry, and available as both Modo preset files (lxl) and Alembic, FBX, Zbrush IMM brushes, and frozen OBJ files for import to other 3D applications. 41 of the presets are set up to work with the polystein kit, but also work fine as regular presets.

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Paralien :: Kitbash :: 001


These are sub-d architectural accents for kit-bashing. They can be used to add alien complexity to architecture and scenes.  All meshes are sub-division ready and have automatic unwrapped UVs. A few pieces are flat and non-extruded. The patterns were created with Grasshopper and cleaned up in Maya/Zbrush.

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ford 28 hotrod painter file + geo

Ideal for the ones or others  that do not have time to model but want to do nice renders or animations. The files contain the painter project  and the geometry in *.obj and *.FBX  formats

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