IFCC 2017 Main Titles

A group of talented artists collaborated to create a unique and ambitions project for the Main Titles video for this year’s Independent Festival of Creative Communication (IFCC). The concept of the story is based on a metaphorical journey towards self discovery and was a chance for the highly skilled artists involved to explore creativity and collaboration.

They made the decision collectively to stay away from a “typical” motion graphics title sequence and to instead try to create a strong connection to the concept art world. While using a Sci-Fi setting, it was decided they would avoid space imagery in order to focus on inter-dimensional travel as their means of exploration with landscape scenery used as a throwback to the myths of the old.


Direction/Animation – Sava Živković
Music/Sound Design – Iz Svemira
Story – Sava Živković, Nebojša Jež, Milan NIkolić
Concept Art – Milan NIkolić
Character Artist – Mihailo Radošević
Vehicle Artist – Nenad Merzel
Graphic Design – Nebojša Jež
Motion Capture – Take One

Concept Art

Milan Nikolić used all the various techniques for creating the concepts, from traditional sketching, to sculpting in Zbrush and over painting in Photoshop.

Character Asset

The character asset was considered as the main asset in the film, Mihailo Radosevic used 3ds Max to create the model, starting off with re-topology of Milan’s concept sculpt. The model was unwrapped into 4 UV sets and exported to Zbrush where the finishing detail pass was added. For the texturing, Mihailo used Substance Painter and was able to easily iterate between the different stages of textures.

Vehicle Asset

The vehicle asset, tackled by Nenad Merzel had a similar workflow as for the character with the only exception being the detail pass in Zbrush.  Nenad used Quixel Suite for the two texture variations of the vehicle, the clean version, and the dirty and damaged version.


Architects among you may recognize that the video pays homage to architect Zaha Hadid in the hangar scene. Taking inspiration from various quarries and geometric shapes, the environments got progressively more abstract as they journeyed into further dimensions.

UI as Storytelling Device

Graphic designer, Nebojša Jež, creates the technological UI visual storytelling of the video with the interdimensional jump counter and the artifact scanner.

For more images and details on the Main Titles video project, see the gallery here.

IFCC 2017

The Independent Festival for Creative Communication takes place this year from May 29 – June 3 2017 in Croatia. Find out more here.


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