Syn Studio unveils Concept Art diploma program

Montreal-based Syn Studio has announced the first elite college-level Concept Art diploma program in Quebec (Canada) designed to train concept artists and guide them into professional careers. Syn Studio is now accepting applications for a Fall 2016 start date.

Syn Studio teacher Donglu Yu and students.

Founded in 2007, Syn Studio is a private art school that specializes in concept art. To design the program, Syn Studio sought out the top experts in concept art education. At the top of that list was Scott Robertson, who developed the Entertainment Design program for Art Center College of Design—a school that has produced an especially high number of famous concept artists. In the process of accrediting its new 18-month program, Syn Studio carried out several research studies for the Ministry of Education to validate the program with top concept artists. These studies demonstrated that the competencies, standards of evaluation and the number of students accepted, would reflect the needs of the industry.


Syn Studio student: Sean Vo


Syn Studio student: Sean Samuels


Syn Studio student: Francis Brunet


Syn Studio student: Charly Chive

Many of Syn Studio’s past students are working as concept artists for high profile companies such as Ubisoft, Gameloft, Behaviour Interactive, Ludia, Triotech and BioWare. Syn Studio’s success in training concept artists is largely due to its teaching roster of world-class instructors including Donglu Yu and Remko Troost (Assassin’s Creed series), Daniel Kvasznicza and Meinert Hansen (Batman: Arkham Origins), Frédéric Bennett and Bruno Leblanc (Deus Ex: Mankind Divided), Christian Robert de Massy (X-Men: Days of Future Past), and Jeong H. Shin (Watch Dogs).


Syn Studio teacher: Charles Vinh


Syn Studio teacher: Donglu Yu


Syn Studio teacher: Frederic St-Arnaud


Syn Studio teacher: Remko Troost


Syn Studio teacher: Christian Robert de Massy

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