Hurry! Only 2 Weeks Left to Register for CG Master Academy’s 2021 Fall Term

Attention artists – registration for CG Master Academy’s 2021 Fall Term is ending soon!

A leading provider of online digital arts education, CGMA provides students with specific skills and techniques used in today’s studios, not to mention mentorship from professional artists at top studios like Naughty Dog, Netflix, Pixar, and more.

If you are looking to advance your skills under some of the industry’s best artists and mentors, be sure to explore CGMA’s courses and register within the next two weeks.

Why wait to be a better artist? Start now. Start here.

Foundation and Design Courses

Every artist, no matter what level, needs a solid understanding of the core principles, tools, and techniques in the Entertainment Design industry. CGMA’s Foundation & Design Courses help establish the foundation on which artists can build their skills.

See the full list of Foundation and Design courses >

Character Design Courses

The career opportunities for character design are endless, from films and feature animation, to video games and children books. CGMA’s Character Design courses don’t just teach you how to create amazing characters, but also how to work with existing narratives or gameplay functions. From realistic aliens to stylized steam punkers, you’ll design characters under the true nature of character creation pipelines.

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Environment Design Courses

Environment Artists need a lot of base knowledge to do their jobs effectively, covering topics like architecture, fashion, and culture. There are also a lot of technical skills to master. CGMA’s Environment Design Courses provide you with the instruction, knowledge, and hard skills that is required for this line of work, so you can create worlds that are believable and full of wonder.

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3D Character Arts Courses

It requires a lot of knowledge and practice to be able to breathe life into a 2D character to create a fully-realized and production-ready 3D character. These courses were developed to help you build the skills to design believable characters and creatures for the films and games, from human anatomy to specific workflows.

See the full list of 3D Character Arts courses >

3D Environment Arts Courses

The environment artist’s role is that of world builder. The mission is to craft the spaces that will create a sense of immersion, tell a story, and work hand-in-glove with level design and gameplay. CGMA’s courses will teach you how to collaborate closely with level designers to visualize, build, and refine the 3D content that helps define aesthetic as well as gameplay flow.

See the full list of 3D Environment Arts courses >

Houdini | FX Courses

When it comes to FX, especially in industry-standard tool Houdini, there are countless ways to learn and explore. From controlling the elements to micromanaging the movement of a million tiny particles, or even orchestrating the destruction of an entire world, CGMA’s courses will teach you how to master pyro and fluid effects, cloth, crowds, destruction, and more.

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Character TD | Rigging Courses

The in-depth Character TD Rigging Track takes students step-by-step through high-level tools and techniques used by animation, visual effects, and video game studios. With classes that emphasize practical work, students will learn how to build rigs for a wide variety of model and character types using the latest industry-standard methods.

See the full list of Character TD | Rigging courses >

Visual Storytelling & IP Development Courses

Thanks to the billions of dollars invested into the creation of original content by the likes of Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, the demand for artists with a firm grasp of the art of storytelling is greater than ever. These courses will help ensure your images, concepts, and designs make an intellectual impact as well as an emotional one – successfully conveying ideas with economic and creative flair.

See the full list of Visual Storytelling & IP Development courses >

If you need any guidance regarding registration, you could schedule a call with CGMA Admissions, or for course guidance please submit your portfolio for review. Don’t forget to see CGMA’s various payment options, created to make your art education more affordable and accessible.

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