Industry Workshops London 2015, Sep 10-13

Industry Workshops is returning in 2015 with an inspirational lineup of more than 30 lecturing artists, major game and film studio recruiters, and 400 fellow artists on a mission to learn about working in games, movies, commercials and traditional arts.

The event will run from September 10-13 in London at the extraordinary venue of The Vaults. Tickets to Industry Workshops also include free premium London coffee, beer and breakfast.


The artist lineup for Industry Workshops include: Alex Brady [3D Concept Artist], Levi Peterffy [Concept Artist], Alex Heath [Concept Artist], Mark Tompkins [Concept Artist], Andrei Riabovitchev [Senior Concept Artist], Max Voght [3D Concept Artist], Anton Smari Gunnarsson [Cinematographer], Mike Hill [Concept Designer], Ben Last [Concept Artist], Min Yum [Concept Artist], Bjorn Hurri [Lead Concept Artist], Nadia Mogilev [Concept Artist, Illustrator], Borkur Eiriksson [Art Director], Nikolai Lockertson [Concept Artist, Illustrator], Dave Neale [Concept Artist, Illustrator], Richard Anderson [Senior Concept Artist], Emrah Elmasli [Concept Artist], Sam Rowan [3D Concept Artist], Gerald Blaise [3D Concept Artist], Scott Eaton [3D Character Sculpter], Jama Jurabaev [Senior Concept Artist], Simon Holmedal [Motion Graphics Artist], Johan Wahlback [Concept Artist], Sean Ray [3D Concept Artist], Jon McCoy [Senior Concept Artist], Titus Lunter [Concept Artist], Kan Muftic [Senior Concept Artist], Virginie Bourdin [Art Director], Kevin Jenkins [Art Director], Jenny Beaven [Costume Designer], and Tom Scholes [Concept Artist].

Recruiters attending Industry Workshops include King, MPC, Framestore, Double Negative and Atomhawk Design

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About the author

Daniel is the Industry Manager for ArtStation.