ArtStation Live Event: Building a Games Portfolio for Your Future

You are invited to attend a live ArtStation event featuring Jeremy Estrellado (Lead Environment Artist – Massive Entertainment),  Jacob Norris (Art Director – PurePolygons), and Alex Beddows (Senior Environment Artist – Respawn Entertainment) as they discuss what makes a strong Games portfolio and take questions from the audience.

Jeremy, Jacob and Alex will walk through examples of portfolios that have been created by artists with intent and purpose to get to their desired career objective; all while taking a trip down memory lane, looking at where they came from and mistakes they’ve made along the way.

Date and time: Thursday, December 9th 2021 at 1pm ET

Where: Youtube (be sure to subscribe to the ArtStation Youtube channel and click the bell icon to set a reminder.)


Livestream banner artwork by Jeremy; original concept by Tim Kaminski.

Jeremy Estrellado – Lead Environment Artist / DiNusty Empire Founder

Jeremy Estrellado is Lead Environment Artist at Massive Entertainment, a Ubisoft Studio. By day, he is a lead in AAA development and by night a streamer / leader to his community, The DiNusty Empire. Some of his previous work consists of working with Skrillex, Shadow of Mordor, Forza 5, and The Division franchise. During his free time, he is active in his community where he goes into uncharted territories, learning and guiding people, all while growing to be better artists together through Twitch streams and YouTube videos.


Jacob Norris – Art Director at PurePolygons

Jacob Norris is currently the Art Director at PurePolygons Inc. Throughout his career he has worked on games, cinema, and other various entertainment content as a 3D Environment Artist. Some of his previous contributions include work on Uncharted 4, Disney’s The Lion King (2019), Metal Gear Solid V, Resistance 3, Marbles RTX and many more. He continually pushes to share workflows, content, and ideas with the 3D community through his own tutorials, talks, and various conferences.



Alex Beddows – Senior Environment Artist at Respawn Entertainment

Alex is an Environment artist with nearly 10 years of experience in the Game industry, from mobile to AAA. He got his foot in the door working on projects dedicated to creating educational content using game technology. Now he is Sr. Environment Artist at Respawn Entertainment. Previously, he led teams as both Lead and Principle Environment Artist at outsource studios working on titles such as Returnal and Scavengers, before moving in-house at Counterplay games to release Godfall on the PS5, and most recently with Microsoft Games studio – The Initiative.

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