Syn Studio’s Online Art Bootcamp with Top Industry Instructors – Deadline Nov 11, 2020

Learn from the Industry’s top concept artists and illustrators at the lowest prices:

Are you an aspiring concept artist or illustrator looking to kickstart your artistic career? Do you wish to become a top professional artist and work on your dream projects? The industry is highly competitive and you need specialized and focused art training from top industry professionals to beat the competition. Syn Studio is the world’s top ranked concept art and illustration school for 2020 (ranked by The Rookies) and is also a very affordable, high quality option for you amongst all similar schools and programs.

For over 10 years, Syn Studio has been training aspiring artists of all skill levels – from beginner to professional. Syn Studio is now offering YOU an exciting and affordable opportunity to study with their top instructors from anywhere in the world with its full time Art Bootcamp Program and part time Online Art Classes. The online classes and program are designed to help you improve your artistic skills dramatically in as little as 10 weeks!

Registrations for the Winter 2021 term are currently in progress and the Early Registration Deadline is on November 11, 2020.

You can view and register for the Art Bootcamp Program here and your favourite Online Art Classes here.

Syn Studio Art Bootcamp

The Art Bootcamp was designed to provide you with an easily accessible and affordable opportunity to strengthen your concept art and illustration skills and build a top notch portfolio. The program is a package deal of five 10-week classes from their extensive list of Online Art Classes plus exclusive industry related activities. The flexible nature of the program allows you to create your own schedule with the classes that you want and is customized for your needs. With the help of their ever friendly and cheerful admissions advisors, you can design a curriculum that rapidly results in you achieving your artistic training goals.

The program, with its courses, assignment and industry related activities will enable you to become a top notch concept artist and build a high quality portfolio that will help you:

  • Get accepted into the elite diploma programs (such as the Syn Studio Concept Art Diploma Program)
  • Land an industry job and win lucrative art contracts!

Syn Studio’s Art Bootcamp is one of the few intensive online art training programs in the world! It is perfect for students who can commit to doing 5 classes over 10 or 20 weeks and want to make the fastest progress possible for the lowest price!

Some examples of past Art Bootcamp activities included in the program are:

Portfolio Reviews with Meinert Hansen (Arrival, 300, Spiderwick Chronicles), Sean Bigham (Warframe, Halo 4 Champions DLC bundle, Prototype 2) and Veronique Meignaud (Far Cry 4, Child of Light, Magic The Gathering)

Paintovers and Q&A with Terryl Whitlatch (Star Wars, Men in Black, Pixar’s Brave), demo & Q&A with Bobby Rebholz (clients include Netflix, Geico and Method Studios, among others) and hard surface demo and workshop with Michal Kus (Age of Wonders: Planetfall, Hitman 2).

Syn Studio Instructors

Syn Studio’s instructors are top concept artists and illustrators currently working on some of the most exciting film, television and video game projects in production. In addition to being top artists, these instructors also possess years of teaching experience, both at Syn Studio and elsewhere. The class curriculum is constantly updated in accordance with the current industry requirements to enable you to learn the most cutting edge techniques and pipelines that are used on the front lines of the industry. This targeted, industry-specific training provides students with the freshest and most relevant skills so they can build a competitive portfolio and become successful concept artists and illustrators.

Some of the instructors who will be teaching in Winter 2021 include:

Christian de Massy (X-Men: Days of Future Past, X-Men: Apocalypse, Snow White and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)

Cole Marchetti (Fortnite and games in the Harry Potter and Marvel universes) and

Chase Toole (War Hammer, Far Cry, Deus Ex and Halo)

The program’s short duration, flexible and affordable nature, combined with Syn Studio’s strong industry connections have made it an exciting option for students from around the world looking to study with master industry artists without leaving their homes!

You can register for the Art Bootcamp here.

Patrick J. Jones Figure Drawing Workshop

In addition to this, Syn Studio will also be conducting a 3-week Online Figure Drawing Workshop with Master Artist Patrick J. Jones, an award winning artist, author and teacher. Patrick has worked as an illustrator for book covers by famous authors such as H.G. Wells and as a concept artist for Lucasfilm and Disney Studios on titles such as Peter Pan.

During this workshop, students will learn Patrick’s unique approach to drawing the figure based on structure, gesture and anatomy, titled “The Anatomy of Style.” The tools and methods taught during the workshop will strengthen the students’ understanding of the figure drawing process, enabling them to create stronger, more tightly rendered and visually appealing stylistic figure drawings.

Only 15 spaces are available for this exclusive workshop and they are expected to sell out very quickly!

You can register for the Patrick J. Jones Online Figure Drawing Workshop here.

Syn Studio Online Art Classes

Syn Studio also offers high quality stand alone Online Art Classes (priced at $385 USD – for a limited time). You have the option of choosing the class that best suits your artistic needs and skill level from around 20 different class options spread across categories such as Online Drawing Classes, Online Concept Art and Illustration Classes, and Online Special Classes.

These classes are 10 weeks long, with a 3 hour live and interactive class every week and a virtual art wall for students to post their assignments, get feedback and connect with fellow classmates. In addition to the online classes, you will also have access to the video recordings so you can rewatch and learn at your own pace and receive personalized video feedback from your instructor.

Some of the exciting online art classes in Winter 2021 include:

Intro to Visual Development taught by Boris Andreev (concept designer and art director with credits including Netflix’s The Dragon Prince, Watership Down and Thomas & Friends)

Digital Painting taught by Ying Ding (concept artist with credits including Far Cry 5 and Far Cry New Dawn)

Character Rendering with Zach Cohen (concept artist with credits including Far Cry New Dawn and Rainbow Six Quarantine)

You can check out all Winter 2021 online art classes here.

Syn Studio Alumni

Syn Studio’s successful Art Bootcamp alumni work as art directors, lead artists, concept artists and illustrators in games, film and animation companies such as EA, Ubisoft, Eidos, Behaviour Interactive and WB Games, among others.

Some of Syn Studio’s successful Art Bootcamp alumni include:

Cristian Alberto Vasquez – Concept artist at Atomhawk Design Ltd.

Jose Elias Villagomez – Art Director at Huuuge Games

Alan Herrera – Lead Artist BG at Happy Camper Media

Allan Michael Matudio – Illustrator at Ubisoft

Charly Chive (also a teacher) – Concept Artist at Eidos

Fred Maisonneuve – Concept Artist / Illustrator at Mawashi Science & Technology

Alexandrine Simard – Concept Artist at Behaviour Interactive

Alex B. O’Dowd – Senior Concept Artist at WB Games

Emmanuel Julian Monzon – Character Concept Artist at WB Games

Stef Tastan – Art Director at Thunder Lotus Games

Jayden Bell – 2D/3D artist at Ubisoft

Sunshine Kim – Concept Artist at Ubisoft

Important Dates

The Early Registration Deadline for Winter 2021 is November 11, 2020.

Please note that class sizes are small to ensure that all the students get personalized attention and feedback. Their online art classes are continuously attracting students from all over the world, now more than ever, resulting in many of the classes filling up quickly and well before the deadline.

You can register for the Online Art Classes, the Patrick J. Jones Online Figure Drawing Workshop or the Art Bootcamp for Winter and Spring 2021 terms or beyond by clicking the above links.

Or simply visit the Syn Studio Website for more information.

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