AnimSchool: Learn the Art of Appealing Characters

AnimSchool is an accredited online school (ACCSC) for learning 3D modeling, rigging, 3D animation, and game animation. AnimSchool is dedicated to helping their graduates succeed in their industry careers.

Learn Appealing Characters

Appealing and compelling characters are at the heart of AnimSchool. They teach studio-informed modeling and rigging practices so that students can excel as character artists with aesthetic and production-ready character models and rigs.

Learn from Experienced Instructors

To learn the 3D skills required to compete in today’s workplace, students at AnimSchool study directly with industry pro artists. Many of their instructors work at studios like Dreamworks, Disney, Sony, Riot Games, Blizzard, Reel FX, Blue Sky Studios, MPC, and Pixar in the modeling, rigging, and animation departments. They will teach you the techniques and workflows they use to prepare you for a career.

“Students get my undivided attention and that dialogue extends beyond the just 11 weeks that we have in class together. I keep in touch with many of my students. If you’re a student that shows up hungry, exudes enthusiasm, passion, and a willingness to work hard, you’d be surprised how many individuals will step up to help you learn and really succeed. Sometimes that extra help comes from the instructor, or sometimes from another [AnimSchool] student.

The Animschool community is really strong. I see the students participating and helping each other out on all the different social media platforms, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or on AnimSchool’s very own chat system where students can leave feedback on each other’s work.”

Charles Ellison, Modeling Supervisor/Character Artist – DreamWorks Animation,

Instructor, Intermediate Modeling Zbrush – AnimSchool

Start your 3D education, learn relevant studio skills, and get qualified to work in the 3D industry.

Learn 3D Modeling and Rigging

In the Character Program create portfolio-level character models and environmental sets. Learn the secrets of 3D modeling, become proficient in studio pipeline techniques using programs like Maya, ZBrush, and Substance Painter. Take your rigging work to a higher level of refinement, and develop a grasp of complex rigging techniques to make your characters stand out.

  • Follow a concept
  • Create a posed 3D character
  • Build an entire rig from start to finish
  • Learn advanced rigging techniques
  • Rigging Automation
  • Scripting in Python and MEL
  • Tool development

Learn 3D Animation for Feature Films and Games

Craft believable performances and bring your characters to life.

The Animation Program focuses on applying the 12 Principles of Animation, pantomime, acting choices, and how to add nuanced and emotive performances to your work. You’ll get a front-row seat with veteran animators. Gain an understanding of choreography, clarity of acting, reaction, and controlling the audience’s attention. Create an exceptional demo reel that showcases your expertise and talent.

Discover what it takes to work in the field of gaming animation. Develop the skills used in the industry today. Create memorable character performances and stunning cinematic moments. Get hands-on experience with mocap, keyframe animation in Maya for use in the Unreal Engine.

For Every Season, a Beginning:

AnimSchool terms start every three months. Many classes have multiple sessions offered. Classes fill up fast, so register early.

AnimSchool program graduates currently have an 86% job placement rate. Alumni receive permanent access to their class recordings, and to all the AnimSchool animation rigs from their classes (both present and future rigs), they also have access to the art classes and continued portfolio reviews to help them stand out from other applicants in the industry.

They have demanding standards of progress so students are well prepared for the 3D workforce. Graduating from an AnimSchool program will equip you for employment in fields where 3D imagery and animation are used, primarily for the entertainment industries of visual effects, feature film, television, computer gaming, advertising, VR, and illustration.

“AnimSchool offers a substantial amount of relevant information and hands on experience that is required to make it in the industry. The school is taught by industry level professionals that will absolutely make you a better animator.The 3D Character Program is definitely worth its weight in gold and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the school. The program is specifically designed for you to jump in at any point in your career, whether it be the first time opening animation software, to working artists looking to improve their skill. The school provides challenging but achievable goals through each term and always offers helpful critiques and guidance along the way. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking to get into the industry.”

Kevin H. AnimSchool Graduate.

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AnimSchool is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).

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