7 Stunning Assets for Creating Eyes

There’s an old adage that says the “eyes are the window to the soul,” which is probably why you need some stunning eyes for your next character project. Look no further, because whatever vibe you’d like your character to have you’ll surely find it here.

Wet Eyes Material & OBJ

by James K

Wet Eyes Material & OBJ as a Zbrush standard material. Get natural-looking eyes with this asset that makes sure to get that glossy wet eyeball look.

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Procedural Eye Generator

by Xavi Anguita

This tool will allow you to generate infinite eye variations; it’s procedurally made. It’s as simple as clicking the Randomize button and export the textures when you like the final result The graph will generate 2 sets of textures, one for the Iris and another one for the Crystalline.

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EYES – 28 Zbrush VDM creature eyes + 15 Eyeballs IMM brush

by Bernhard van der Horst

This pack includes a Zbrush VDM brush housing all of the 28 eye variations, and a complimentary  ZBrush InsertMultiMesh brush with 15 detailed eyeballs. The VDM brush has two variations of each. Version A is sculpted with an eyeball in the socket, version B is without this eyeball.

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Ultimate Procedural Eye Generator Substance Designer

by Erik Vetter

Procedural eye material generator for Substance (Designer, Painter, Player), Marmoset Toolbag, and Unreal Engine 4. There are over 30 parameters to customize and create the eye you want!

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Ultimate Eye Generator

by Vini Cortez

The eye generator is amazing quality with up to 8K textures. With it, you get 50+ tweakable parameters to create infinite Variations

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by Alex Lashko

This is a high-quality realistic asset made for Real-Time engines using PBR technology as seen in modern AAA games. It also can be used in pre-rendered cinematics. Add realism and save time by using this model in your 3D character creation.

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Game Ready Realistic Eyes

by Harriet Eden

High quality, game-ready 3D model of a realistic eye with 5 different color variations. Available eye colors include blue, green, brown, demon red and fantasy purple.

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