New Marketplace Coupon Features

If you’ve been digging the new coupon code feature on the ArtStation Marketplace, then you’ll love these recent updates we’ve made!

Marketplace coupons on ArtStation enable sellers to run their own sales and promote them easily. Now, we’re giving sellers even more customization options so they can create coupons for specific products and add usage limits.

Create Marketplace Coupons

Add a Usage Limit

Adding a limit to the number of people who can redeem your coupon, puts you in total control of how much the discount you set will affect your sales.

It’s also a great way to create some urgency for buyers to act quickly and reward your most loyal customers.

Eg. “The first 10 people who buy this product can get 40% off with this coupon code!”

Product Coupons

The latest update enables you to create coupon codes for specific products instead of your entire store. With this, you can customize your discounts for each product and how you choose to promote them.

To create a coupon, go to Discounts & Coupons from your dropdown menu and make sure “Participate in Sales” is toggled on. From there, you can customize the code name and select the product, percentage, time, and usage limit.

The ability to create Marketplace coupons is exclusively available to ArtStation Pro members. To gain access to more exclusive benefits and features, upgrade now.

Marketing Made Easy

When you create a coupon code on the Marketplace, ArtStation automatically generates images that you can use for promoting your store or product. You can download the images or share them directly with one click.

The image above waws generated for preview purposes only.


Find out more about Marketplace Coupons here.

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