10 Stellar Clothing Assets for Male Characters

Whether your latest character is a classy gentleman, a soccer dad, or a casual Friday hero, this article has your character covered in clothes assets.

Mens – Check Suit Set

by No Brand

This checkered suit has a modern slim-fit cut with a Sherlock Holmes flair.

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Men’s Grunge Look

by Lux Looks

Textures are included with this mysterious hooded look. Perfect for a shady NPC with information.

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Men’s suit. Marvelous Designer, Clo3d project files

by Evgeniya Petrova

Nothing says power suit like stripes. This versatile suit can style an inspiring billionaire philanthropist and power hungry villain.

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Casual men’s outfit


This casual men’s outfit includes jeans, a llong sleeve shirt, a t-shirt, jacket and cap. Save time with this complete look!

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Urban Classic Mens Pilot Jacket, Marvelous designer, Clo3d

by souhail el hassouni

This classic men’s pilot jacket isn’t just for flyboys, take it off the plane and onto the body of your every-man character because this look never goes out of style.

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Men’s suit

by Vicent fang

Bring on the smolder with this classic men’s suit! No fuss, no mess just a good looking suit.

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Marvelous Designer Garment: Double Breasted Men’s Coat

by Camille Kleinman

Has the blistery November weather hit? Look no further for the perfect jacked. Even though this jacket was designed for male models, you could easily modify it to fit female models.

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Mens Clothing Jacket Hoodie 3D model

by rattapon jeerung

Looks like rain! Get this hooded jacket and prepare for bad weather.

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10 Casual Clothing Collection Male 4

by Polygonal Miniatures

Yes that’s right, you read correctly 10 casual  clothing outfits for men. If this isn’t a great deal I don’t know what is.

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Marvelous + Cloth BaseMesh : Shawl Collar Blouse M001a (Men)

by Aeolian Yang

Let’s back to basics with this basic men’s shirt. When you don’t need anything flashy, this shirt is here for you.

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