Study Film and Video Games at Universal Arts School

Study Film and Video Games in Hollywood (Los Angeles) and in Valencia (Spain) through a cultural exchange with Universal Arts School, a leading school since 1994.

In this interview, Alejandro López, CEO at Universal Arts School, answers the most frequently asked questions about the school and programs.

Tell us about Universal Arts School.

We are a training center specialized in Video Games, Film and Animation ranked 14th worldwide by ACR. We offer highly specialized, hands-on education. Our unique methodology for both our on-campus and online courses is in development since 1994 with over 3 million hours of training delivered. We renew our syllabi every year according to market needs in order to produce qualified graduates who can readily join the professional sector.

Where is UA School located?

We currently have two campuses. One in the heart of Hollywood at the center of the leading Audiovisual Industry and another in Valencia, España, which is one of the most incredible cities in southern Europe. It is the Cultural Capital of the Mediterranean and has been chosen by Time magazine as the best city to live in worldwide and is a candidate to become the World Design Capital in 2022. It is an incredible city where students can enjoy their stay to the fullest. Being in 2 such dynamic cities provides the possibility for cultural exchange not only on a production and professional level but also to experience different styles of life doing what you most like to do.

What kind of  training do you offer?

We offer Masters as well as Career courses for all types of students with a new, specialized teaching methodology which we have developed throughout the years according to what our students need, expect and want and what we think is the future. Our “training path” is a new way to acquire knowledge in a non-linear method where students can choose their own path and are evaluated by an advanced gamification system. Our specialized areas are Concept Art, Sculpting, Game Design, Video Game Art, VFX for Video Games, Animation, Digital Cinema, Post-Production or Virtual Reality for diverse fields.

What type of students attend UA School?

Our students are very diverse and from many different types of backgrounds who may want to specialize or who want to start from scratch with us. We offer all of our students the tools needed to build their creative potential. The key is for our students to feel supported throughout their path and enjoy the learning process to build and develop all of those different worlds in their imaginations.

Why study at UA School?

Learning here is 100% practical within a controlled production environment. Students then join the accelerator program in their last year of study where they develop real projects for current markets. Projects are prepared for investors or publishers interested in financing or distribution. Students can find work at top studios, indie studios or create their own company to produce their own projects. The aim is to produce video games or films to reach their maximum creative potential and offer their talent on the market. One of the advantages of this sector is that you can work and make a living doing what you love. There are no limits. Our students’ professional development is directly linked to enjoying what they do. This is an essential key to personal development.

For more information, visit the Universal Arts School website.

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