THU TV Volume 3—The Epoch of Belief!

Trojan Horse was a Unicorn (THU) is the biggest art event of the year with the biggest names from game, film and publishing converging on Tróia for a week of inspiration and connection. The 2017 event—The Epoch of Belief—was streamed to the world as it happened with THU TV, and it’s now available for anyone who missed out, or was there but didn’t catch every presentation.

THU TV Volume 3 provides incredible value with 69 hours of inspirational speakers, industry talks, creative series with leading artists, and the B-Sides talks around the business of art. For €59.90 you can start watching these amazing presentations, and return to them again and again to extract every hard-won lesson from artists who have walked the path.

THU TV makes the perfect Christmas gift for artists to connect with their craft and to find not only artistic inspiration but life inspiration!

About the author

Daniel is the Industry Manager for ArtStation.