9 Must-Read Blog Posts for Fashion Artists

The ArtStation Blogs page is full of amazing content created by the ArtStation community, including tutorials, articles, project breakdowns, and more. In the spirit of ArtStation Fashion Week 2022, we’ve rounded up 9 must-read Blog posts for fashion artists.

How 3D Product Customization Will Change The Face of E-commerce


DDIGITT is an agency specialized in 3D Digital Product Creation (3DPC) and animation. They’re on a mission to support the fashion industry with the necessary 3D fundamentals to successfully accelerate the digitization process. In this recent post, they provide an educational look at how 3D product customization is changing e-commerce.

Trends come and go. Some trends come and stick. And, there is one trend that is likely to show up and reign over the market for the long haul, and that is Product Customization.

In this ever-evolving world, the latest trend in Product Personalization is the incorporation of 3D product customization.

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The Benefits of 3D Digital Product Creation for Fashion


This is another informative article by DDIGITT, this time breaking down the ways 3D digital products are a benefit for fashion.

In the past few years, the digitisation of fashion design has proved to be a game-changer. Brands are now taking notice of the advantages of digitalising their material libraries to speed up design, providing all teams and suppliers involved in the product creation and selling with a faster-enhanced product development process and competitive advantage over their competitors.

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Making a Medieval Fabric with Substance Designer

by Louise Melin

You might have seen Louise’s inspiring “Material Journey Through Middle Earth” project series on ArtStation Blogs. Now, Louise has shared a tutorial to help you make your own fabrics in Substance Designer!

I uploaded my very first Substance Designer tutorial. It’s all about fabrics and how about to make them in the quickest and easiest way possible.

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ArtStation Fashion Week Blog Questions

by Ashley Sparling

Vertex School Mentor and Senior Character Artist Ashley Sparling gives a valuable glimpse into the world of a professional character artist in this question-and-answer-style post.

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ArtStation Fashion Week Q&A

by Ackeem Durrant

Learn how Vertex School Instructor and Senior Character Artist at Silver Rain Games Ackeem Durrant approaches costume design for character art in this question-and-answer style post.

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Talking Threads (Design Studio Press) – Fashion Week Q&A

by Design Studio Press

Can’t get enough Q&A content? You’ll want to revist the answers from our earlier live Fashion Week 2022 Q&A sessions on ArtStation Blogs. For this session, Talking Threads: Costume Design for Entertainment Art authors Jessie Kate BuiGwyn ConawayMaria Ferreira Kercher and Rebecca “Beki” Black-Gliko shared industry and career insights gathered from decades of collective experience.

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VALACLAVA – Fashion Week Q&A

by Valaclava

Discover the cutting-edge work that Valaclava is doing in the digital fashion design space, and read their helpful answers given to Q&A participant questions.

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VF Corporation (VANS, The North Face, Timberland, Dickies) – Fashion Week Q&A


Join Safir Bellali, Sr Director/Advanced Digital Creation at VF Corporation, for another Q&A session from ArtStation Fashion Week 2022.

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ArtStation Fashion Week – Q&A with Pauline Boiteux

by Pauline Boiteux

In this fourth and final ArtStation Fashion Week 2022 Q&A session, take a special sneak peek into the work and wisdom of Pauline Boiteux, a texture artist and part of the Substance by Adobe Content Team.

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