8 Hot Marketplace Finds for Fiery Scenes

Spark your next fire-related project with these 8 resources on the ArtStation Marketplace!

Dynamic Fire FX brush set

by Zsolt Kosa

This back of 67 Photoshop brushes is perfect for all your 2D needs: concept art, matte painting, and more!

Get the pack here >

640+ Fire & Fight Reference Picture

by Grafit Studio

Grafit Studio’s photo pack features epic scenes of fiery battles.

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Lava Lake Pack

by Gaëlle Seguillon

This photopack features a volcanic eruption in Iceland. Full of bubbling lava pools, spewing lava tubs, flowing rivers of lava, and more!

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UE4 VFX Intro: Fire Image Sequence, Particle, and Material Tutorial

by Tyler Smith

Tyler’s tutorial includes a full walkthrough for making a fire effect in UE4 with a blend of texture creation in ZBrush, Photoshop, and UE4’s material editor.

Get it here >

Burnt Firewood in Substance Designer

by Steve Mumford

This file outputs a Base Color, Emissive, Heightmap, Roughness, and an AO map.

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Lava Dungeon UE5

by Waleed Nabeel

Kickstart your next UE5 project using Waleed’s lava dungeon scene! The asset was created with UE5 and Megascans assets.

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Dark Druids (.blend .PSD) EEVEE

by Alex Pi

Alex Pi’s resource includes a .blend and .PSD file version of the “Dark Druids” scene. You can use the models for commercial purpose, or study the materials, scene, and render settings.

Get it here >

Firebrand – Sketch to Final + PSD

by Jannis Mayr

This .PSD contains 10 process steps from sketch to final in 4k resolution, along with the complete layer structure of the final image.

Get it here >

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