3dsense Media School Virtual Open House: Ranked Amongst the Top Creative Media & Entertainment Schools Worldwide

Creating art brings a bout of joy and satisfaction to artistic individuals, but it can be a long, hard road to hone the skills to be good enough for the working industry. At 3dsense Media School, courses are designed to take just one intensive year of education and training by veterans from the creative media and entertainment industry for aspiring artists to emerge industry-ready. 

Ranked Top 10 worldwide by The Rookie Awards 2021 in all its diplomas’ disciplines, 3dsense Media School offers 1-year diplomas in Motion & Graphic Design, Concept Design & Illustration, Game Art, and Visual Effects & Animation. 

Develop strong foundation in design fundamentals, learn and experience motion graphic production pipeline, and gain proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite and Cinema 4D.

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Learn artistic fundamentals and digital painting techniques focused on character concept art, environment concept art, creature design, and functional prop design.

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Choose to specialize in 3D modeling of game assets (character and environment), or in-game animation. Learn game industry programs like Unreal Engine, ZBrush, and Maya.

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Learn the basics in film animation, 3D modeling, and visual effects before specializing in one of them. Create high resolution character models, receive in-depth training for realistic animation, or work on a film-quality project with visual effects at one of the very few Houdini-certified schools in Asia.

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Virtual Open House

3dsense Media School will be holding a Virtual Open House on December 11th and 12th, Saturday and Sunday, from 10am (GMT+8). Join them to find out more about 3dsense’s diplomas, the career paths each one leads to, and hear directly from 3dsense Alumni on their thoughts about the school’s education, and their artistic journey that led them to where they are today.

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