Hear from the Biggest Names in 3D Design and Simulation at NVIDIA GTC

Scene by Nikolay Usov

Last month, NVIDIA Omniverse announced Enter the Retroverse: A Graphics Flashback, a contest that challenged artists to render a small scene depicting what inspired their passion for graphics and gaming.

To design their scene, creators can use any 3D software app from Adobe, Autodesk, Blender, Epic Games, Reallusion, and more to design, model and texture assets, bring them into Omniverse Create and compose the scene. Participants can also use a maximum of three premade assets, courtesy of TurboSquid by Shutterstock, in their final render, which must be exported using the Omniverse RTX Renderer.

The contest introduces artists to the Omniverse platform’s seamless interoperability with leading design tools via Universal Scene Description (USD) and Omniverse Connectors, and powerful NVIDIA technologies like PhysX5 for advanced physics and RTX-accelerated ray tracing.


Artists can submit an entry until October 26th. The first, second, and third place winners will be awarded an NVIDIA RTX A6000, GeForce RTX 3090, and GeForce RTX 3080, respectively.

NVIDIA Omniverse at GTC

The winners will be announced at NVIDIA GTC on November 11 during the Omniverse User Group, a special event that will also include a behind-the-scenes look at upcoming platform features and the opportunity to connect with others in the Omniverse community.

And join us at GTC to hear from the world’s leading design companies on what tools are transforming complex 3D workflows. See what new opportunities the Metaverse presents for designers, and learn the latest techniques in materials, rendering and animation from award-winning artists.

And don’t miss the top sessions for artists at GTC:

A New Era of Realism: Building Breathtaking Cinematic Renderings in Omniverse — NVIDIA
Hear from one of NVIDIA’s expert environmental artists and see how a retro-gaming inspired bedroom scene came together over just a few days of work.

A New Material Editing Workflow for NVIDIA Omniverse: Previewing the Substance 3D Plugin — Adobe
Learn how creators will be able to use Substance Materials in Omniverse and work with multiple 3D apps in a collaborative environment.

Discover iClone to Omniverse: The Complete Character Animation Workflow — Reallusion
Learn how to create, animate, and deploy digital humans and 3D characters for Omniverse Create and Machinima.

Wearing the Omniverse: Photogrammetry Applied to Clothing — Peris Digital
Learn how Peris Digital is planning to digitize their 7.5 million garment warehouse and make it accessible to artists with NVIDIA Omniverse.

A Vision of the Metaverse — Cesium, Epic Games, Metastage, Roblox, SK Telecom, Tencent, VentureBeat
Join a panel of global Metaverse futurists and luminaries and listen to their vision of the Metaverse, what potentials it will bring, and what needs to happen in the near term to build the foundations.

The virtual GTC is free and runs worldwide November 8-11, kicking off with a keynote session from NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang.

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