XP-Pen Launches Art Star Grant Program to Empower Artist Dreams

The team behind the popular graphics tablets XP-Pen has launched a brand new grant program called Art Star.  After hearing from many artists who lacked the financial means, equipment or training to realize their dreams, XP-Pen felt that they needed to do something to help. In this context,  they created Art Star to offer support to the global CG industry.


Students, professionals, hobbyists and studios in the CG industry are all invited to apply for support. To apply, submit your portfolio and your dream plan. Dream plans should be specific and achievable and will be evaluated by a team of industry professionals.


  • Funds 
  • Equipment: provided by XP-Pen and includes pen displays or tablets.
  • Traffic:  Art Star and partners will help amplify artist art and social media accounts.
  • Tools: 1 year annual ArtStation Pro subscription and Moho Pro animation software.
  • Training: provided by Wingfox. Everyone can get a coupon for 30% off WingFox’s courses (Coupon Code: AS30).


Application period: 16th April – 15th September 2021

Evaluation period: 16th September- late October 2021

Distribution: November 2021

Apply Now to Empower your Dreams

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